Manuscript Group 1042, James W. Whittaker, Sailor, Letters, 1859 – 1870


Archives Documents, Manuscripts, Maps, & Photographs


1042.  WHITTAKER, JAMES W., sailor.

Letters, 1859 – 1870. 102 items.

Letters sent by James W. Whittaker to members of his family in


City. Enlisting in the Navy on November 2, 1857, Whittaker
served as an engineer aboard the U.S. Steamers


Kearsarge, Octorora, Lackawanna,>1 and <1Tuscarora.>1 Of
particular in-


are those written on tours of duty in the Gulf of Mexico off


Confederate coast during the Civil War.

Gift of Lillie M. Stokes, 1976.




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