Manuscript Group 1062, John R. Longo (b. 1913), Civic Reformer, Journalist, Papers, 1937 – 1980


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LONGO, JOHN R. (b. 1913), civic reformer, journalist.

Papers, 1937-1980. 5 ft.


Correspondence, speeches, scrapbooks, and printed materials of
Longo, chairman of the Hudson County Citizens’ Committee and
leading Jersey City opponent of Mayor Frank Hague.  It was
this opposition which Longo’s supporters believed responsible for
his imprisonment in 1938 on charges of ballot fraud.  The
scrapbooks chronicle Jersey City politics in the late 1930s and
1940s, covering Longo’s exoneration in 1947 and Hague’s downfall
two years later.  Longo subsequently served in a number of
administrative posts, including director of public relations for
Hudson County.  Included are letters by Oswald Garrison
Villard and Upton Sinclair.  Inventory available.

Gift of John R. Longo, 1977.



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