Manuscript Group 1068, Henry C. Pitney Jr. (1856 – 1936), Lawyer, Historian, Local History and Genealogical Notes, 1930 – 1933


Archives Documents, Manuscripts, Maps, & Photographs


1068. PITNEY, HENRY C. Jr. (1856-1936), lawyer, historian.

Local history and genealogical notes, 1930-1933. 133 items.



Correspondence, title searches, photographs, and newspaper
clippings chiefly concerning James Wood’s mansion at which
Lafayette stayed in Morristown in 1825.  In 1930, the
mansion suffered a disastrous fire, and in 1932 the charred
structure was torn down.  Pitney compiled these materials in
an effort to reconstruct the history of the house.  Included
are genealogical data on the Wood and DeCamp families.  This
Henry C. Pitney, Jr., should not be confused with his father
Henry Cooper Pitney, Sr. (1827-1911), Vice Chancellor of the
State of New Jersey.  For information on the Pitney family,
see MG 1128.



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