Manuscript Group 1077, Bogart-Marselis Family (Albany, NY) Papers, 1725 – 1817 (Bulk dates: 1759 – 1769, 1793, 1816 – 1817)

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Manuscript Group 1077, Bogart-Marselis Family (Albany, NY)
Papers, 1725 – 1817 (Bulk dates: 1759 – 1769, 1793, 1816 – 1817)
0.25 linear feet / 1 small manuscript box
Call Number: MG 1077



Chiefly financial accounts and bills of Hendrick I. Bogart (1729-1821) and Captain Henry Marselis (fl. 1790-1793), both based in Albany, New York. The papers provide information on the costs of a variety of foodstuffs. Among the oldest items in this collection is the will of a woman, Hendricke Boghaert (1699-1764), written in 1741 and some items relating to her husband, Isaac Boghaert (1695-1770). There is a small amount of correspondence.

Biographical Note:

Isaac Bogart, the son of Jannetje Quackenbush and Jacob Cornelius Bogaert, was born on January 18, 1695. He married Hendrickie Oothout (1699-1764), the daughter of Caatje Volkert Douw and Hendrick Jants Oothout, on November 25, 1725, and with her had six children: Jacob (1726-d. young), Hendrick I. (1729-1821), Jacob (1733-1733), Jacob (1734-1746), Catharine (b. 1734), and Isaac (1741-1818). The family resided in Albany, New York, where Isaac Bogart died on September 15, 1770. It is possible that Isaac Bogart was part of the merchant shipping firm of Bogert and Marselis (which was in existence in 1760), for his son Hendrick I. (also known as Henry), married Barbara Marselis (1728-1816), the daughter of Johanna Beeckman and Johannes Marselis, on February 19, 1758.

Barbara and Hendrick I. Bogart lived in Albany, New York where they had five children together: Hendrickie (1760-1812), Johannes (John) (1761-1853), Johanna (1763-1767), Isaac Henry (1765-1841), and Gerrit (1770-1820). Hendrick seems to have held various public offices in Albany, one of which was the inspector of the revenue of the Port of Albany to which he was appointed by George Washington on March 21, 1791. Hendrick I. Bogart died in Albany on June 27, 1821.

Both the Marselis family and the Bogart family had connections to the sea. Hendrick’s oldest son, John Bogart (1761-1853) was a captain; and Hendrick (Henry) Marselis (fl. 1790-1793), who operated out of Albany and New York, was captain of the sloop Vley.

See Bogart-Marselis Family Tree.


“Bogaert Genealogy,” Bogart Family File, The New Jersey Historical Society, pgs. 6-7, 12, 16.

Provenance Note:

The source of this collection is unknown.

Scope and Content Note:

The papers largely consist of the receipts and bills, and a smaller amount of correspondence of the allied Bogart and Marselis families, particularly Hendrick I. Bogart and Captain Henry Marselis. The papers date from 1725-1817, however a large portion of the documents fall within one of three time periods: 1759-1769, 1793, or 1816-1817. A few of the documents in the collection relate to Isaac Bogart, John Bogart, Grt. Marselis, and the merchant shipping company of Bogert & Marselis. The collection also contains the 1741 will of Hendrickie (Oothout) Bogart. The papers are organized by document type and then arranged by family member and date.

The correspondence, consisting of five letters mostly to Captain Henry Marselis, dates from the year 1793. Correspondents include George Palmer, Gerrit G. Lansing, Stephen Minton, William Prince, Jr., and Alexander Warmsley, all of whom discuss financial matters.

The financial documents and business papers are largely made up of the receipts and bills of Hendrick I. Bogart and Captain Henry Marselis. The former’s receipts date from 1753-1817 and largely document items bought. The latter’s receipts date from 1790-1793 and document items purchased along with items shipped and delivered. This series also contains a number of receipts from Isaac Bogart, John Bogart, and the City of Albany – the last of which records costs for City Hall and the courthouse. There is also a 1760 receipt for Grt. Marselis, a 1761 receipt for the company Bogert & Marselis, and a few of Captain Henry Marselis’ shipment orders and lists of items shipped.

Folder List:

Folder Title Dates
Correspondence: the spelling of names in the folder list reflects the spelling in each letter.
1 To Henrey (sic) Bogard from George Palmer n.d.
To (Henry Marselis) from Gerrit G. Lansing n.d.
To Captain (Henry) Marcelus from Stephen Minton (?) 1793
To Captain (Henry) Marseilles from William Prince, Jr. 1793
To Henry Merseles from Alexander Warmsley 1793
2 Will of Hendrickie (Oothout) Boghaert 1741
Financial documents and Business papers
3 Receipts and bills: Hendrick I. Bogart 1753-1769
4 Receipts and bills: Hendrick I. Bogart 1813-1817
5 Receipts and bills: Isaac Bogart and his estate 1725-1771
6 Receipts and bills: John Bogart 1816-1817
7 Receipts and bills: Bogert & Marselis, Grt. Marselis, Henry Marselis 1760, 1761, 1790-March 1793
8 Receipts and bills: Henry Marselis April 1793
9 Receipts and bills: Henry Marselis May-June 1793
10 Receipts and bills: Henry Marselis July-Sept 1793
11 Receipts and bills: City of Albany and miscellaneous 1759-1768
12 Business orders: Henry Marselis 1790, 1793, n.d.
13 List of goods shipped: Henry Marselis 1793, n.d.

Family Tree:

Isaac Bogart (1695-1770) = Hendrickie Oothout (1699-1764)
Jacob Bogart (1726-d. young)
*Hendrick I. Bogart (1729-1821)
Jacob Bogart (1733-1733)
Jacob Bogart (1734-1746)
Catharine Bogart (b. 1734)
Isaac Bogart (1741-1818)
I. Bogart (1729-1821) = Barbara Marselis (1728-1816)
Hendrickie Bogart (1760-1812)
**Johannes (John) Bogart (1761-1853)
Johanna Bogart (1763-1767)
Isaac Henry Bogart (1765-1841)
Gerrit Bogart (1770-1820)
**Johannes (John) Bogart (1761-1853) = 1) Catharina Ten Broeck (1759-1792)
= 2) Christiana Vought (d. 1836)

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