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Frederick Schroeder Hair Felt Company (Newark, NJ)


1911 – 1964


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by Dorothy Meiggs








company had its origins in the Newark Hair Felt Company, which
was founded by J. Frederick Schroeder and his partner, Mathew J.
Murphy.  With offices on Frelinghuysen Avenue in Newark, the
two men began production of insulation materials in 1910.  When
J. Frederick Schroeder died in 1911, his half of the firm was
willed to Louisa Schroeder, his mother.




many women who simply continue an inherited business, Louisa
split the assets of the Newark Hair Felt Company with Murphy and
proceeded to equip her own factory on Blanchard Street, Newark.
The J. Frederick Schroeder Hair Felt Company was incorporated as
an entirely new enterprise with a new name, new location, and new
directors in December, 1911.




female in the family also played an active role in the company
business.  Katherine Schroeder Gross served as treasurer for
the company and as member of the Board of Directors from the
company’s founding until 1949.  Ruth Schroeder Borden
also served for some time on the Board of Directors.




Schroeder, principal stockholder and sales representative, guided
the company for twenty-six years.  When she retired in 1937,
her older son Edward assumed control.  In early
1962 her
younger son Charles became President.




company remained a vital manufacturing concern until a fire
destroyed the plant facilities on Blanchard Street in 1962.
The company went completely out of business in 1964.  The
company employed between four and ten people in its factory.
Most of the records survived the fire, providing details about
day-to-day operations of a small company.  The collection
contains building plans, financial records, tax files, and varied
information on the company since its inception.  The
business records in the collection provide an example of what it
takes to run a small, profitable business.  The company
sales books reflect that the company provided business to
customers both on the east coast, but also in the Midwest also.



and Content Note:



After her son died in 1911, Louisa Schroeder assumed control of
the J. Frederick Schroeder Hair Felt Company and proceeded to
direct this manufacturer of pipe insulation and other “hair
felt” products for the next twenty-six years.  The
company remained a vital manufacturing concern until a fire
destroyed the plant facilities in 1962.  The collection
contains building plans, financial records, tax files, articles
of incorporation, minutes of annual meetings, board of directors,
1911-1962; stock certificate book, financial records, employee
time books, 1911-1928; property surveys and other records.








J. Frederick Schroeder Hair Felt Company Records, 1911-1964, were
donated to the Society as a gift from Charles Schroeder in 1979.
The gift was received as part of the Newark Business and Labor
Records Survey of 1979.







Minutes Annual Meetings, Board of Directors (1 vol.) 1911-1962


concerns elections, property transfers, includes the original
Certificate of Incorporation


Stock Certificate Book – 1 vol.


Signed certificates from 1911, 1914, 1932, 1945, 1962-1964


Plant Equipment Purchases 1905-1917, 10 items


blueprint and picture of Curtis and Marble Machine Company out of
Worcester, Massachusetts and General Electric Company


Estate of J. Frederick Schroeder 1911 approx. 15 items


correspondence relating to stocks; inventory of all goods owned;
agreement on tombstone and burial plots of the deceased;
paperwork (monthly ledgers) of Newark Hair Felt Company; copy of
last will and testament


Weekly Time Books 1911-1928, 1962 10 items


eight volumes, and two Xeroxed copies of payroll on a weekly


Financial Statements – Complete Series – 1942-1956


compiled by a Newark firm on an annual basis on December 31, 1942
contains bi-annual statements


General Ledgers – 1911-1913, 1942-1948 – 2 volumes


monthly receipts and disbursements


Accounts Receivable Ledger Book 1942-1962 – 1 volume


running balance of individual accounts


Cash Receivable Ledger Books 1942-1964 – 2 volumes


On monthly basis lists names of company, discount allowed and
amount received


Cash Disbursements Ledgers, 1942-1964 – 4 volumes


monthly basis, lists name of company, check number, tax
deductions or discounts and actual amounts paid out; included are
payroll, freight charges, and miscellaneous charge payments


Sales Book may, 1962-July 1964 – 1 volume


includes all sales made by company before dissolution


Tax Records – Incomplete Series, 4 files


included are Corporate Income Tax Records 1918-1934


City of Newark tax Receipts 1935-1961


New Jersey State Corporate Reports 1938-1964


Federal Government Returns and Correspondence 1940-1964


Appraisal Books, 1926, 1943 – 2 volumes


two complete appraisals of the company


Easement Agreement Information


correspondence over agreement between Central Railroad of New
Jersey and J. Frederick Schroeder hair Felt Company; contains
blueprints, deeds and releases. Blueprints are dated 1918, 1920
and one undated survey


Miscellaneous Items


example of insulation made of goat and horse hair; copy of
letterhead stationary; news article on fire from Newark Evening
News and two photographs taken after fire in 1962


Property Surveys, Machine and Building Plans – 9 items


property surveys – 1919, and undated; machine, building
plans 1911, 1913, 1924, 1939, 1962, nd; some items are clearly
identifiable while others are not, most items are blueprints






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