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Ira Ten Broeck Smith (1888 – 1957):


Risley School Collection


Papers, 1906 – 1957


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by Carl A. Lane, 1980





Ira Ten Broeck Smith Collection of Risley School materials was
donated to the Society as a gift from Barbara Smith Irwin on
February 13, 1980.  Barbara Smith Irwin is Ira Ten
Broeck’s daughter.






and Content Note:



Ira Ten Broeck Smith Collection contains materials relating to
his teaching days at the school in Risley, New Jersey.  The
documents in this collection span the years 1906-1957, with the
bulk of information culminating from 1906.  This collection
includes four photographs and a notebook kept by Ira Ten Broeck
Smith, (1888-1957), while he taught at a one-room school house in
Risley, New Jersey, in 1906.  The notebook contains names of
pupils, birth dates, biblical and literary quotations, and a few
sketches.  Of particular interest is a photograph of the
interior of the classroom in which he taught, there are also
photos of his students.









class book, 1906.  This volume includes names of students,
their birth dates, a list of educational texts Smith utilized,
psychological sketches, famous quotations, adages, biblical
citations, and drawings.



photos of Smith’s class in Risley, 1906.  Duplicates.
(in one photo the students are numbered)



photo of the interior of the Risley one room schoolhouse, 1906.



photo of students and parents outside the Risley School, circa 1906.


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