Manuscript Group 1162, Milton J. Ives (1840 – 1924), Civil War Soldier Papers, 1862 – 1863

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Manuscript Group 1162, Milton J. Ives (1840-1924), Civil War soldier

Papers, 1862-1863, 0.2 linear feet / 9 items

Call Number: MG 1162



Civil War diaries of a Jamesburg, New Jersey resident who served with companies A and M in the Ninth New Jersey Volunteers.  The Ninth New Jersey saw action at Roanoke, Newbern, and elsewhere in North Carolina.  Collection includes a commercial photo album with pictures of U.S. presidents and Civil War generals that belonged to Miss Sarah J. Ives, and tintypes of Ives and his wife, Lucretia Smith Ives.

Gift of Carol K. Shortt, 1981.

Biographical Note:

Milton J. Ives was born on March 10, 1840, the son of James Ives (1811-1884) and Phoebe Ann Peacock (1808-1880).  A resident of Jamesburg, New Jersey, he served with the Ninth New Jersey Volunteer Regiment in companies A and M during the Civil War.  The regiment saw action in Newbern, Roanoke and elsewhere in North Carolina. Ives was discharged from military service on December 7, 1864 after three years of active service.  On August 4, 1870 he married Lucretia Smith (1838-1927); they had three children.  Ives, his parents, his wife and their children continued to live on a farm in Jamesburg.  He died on January 30, 1924 and was buried in Brainerd Cemetery in Cranbury.


William Freck’s New Jersey Regiments Infantry Volunteers Burial Records

Provenance Note:

This collection was the gift of Carol K. Shortt, 1981.  Museum materials were separated at the time the collection was accessioned.

Scope and Content Note:

This collection contains four diaries (2 originals and 2 copies) and four cased photographs that belonged to Milton J. Ives, as well as a commercial photograph album that belonged to Miss Sarah J. Ives.  The first diary dates from January 1 to December 31, 1862 and is labeled “January 27, 1862 on board (Ann E. Thompson??).”  This volume was written in pencil while the copy, labeled April 28, 1862, is in ink.  The remaining two diaries are dated from January 1 to December 31, 1863 and both the original and the copy are written in ink.  All four diaries have short daily entries briefly describing the weather and how Ives was feeling that day.  Some of the entries have a few words on what is happening in the camp or in the war.  For example, on July 4, 1863 Ives notes “General Grant takes possession of Vicksburg.” I ves was stationed in Newbern when he wrote these diaries and it appears that his regiment saw little action.  He occasionally mentions having gotten off guard duty or having a drill.  At the back of all the diaries Ives kept a list of the days on which he sent or received letters and the name of the correspondent.

Three of the four photographs in this collection are of Milton J. Ives.  Two picture him in civilian clothing and one is of him in his military uniform.  The remaining photograph is of Ives’ wife, Lucretia Smith Ives.  There is also a commercial photograph album which belonged to Sarah J. Ives and contains pictures of early U.S. presidents and some Civil War generals.

Folder List:

Folder Items Dates
1 Diaries (4) Jan 1 – Dec 31, 1862 (2), Jan 1 – Dec 31, 1863 (2)
2 Cased Photographs of Milton J. Ives (3) ND
Cased Photograph of Lucretia Smith Ives ND
Commercial Photograph Album ND

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