Manuscript Group 1171, Anna Specert Weyel (b. 1849), Midwife, Records of Birth, 1884 – 1917


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1171. WEYEL, ANNA SPECERT (b. 1849), midwife.

Records of Birth, 1884-1917. Photocopies. 1 vol.


Casebook includes information on approximately 3000 births that
were attended to by Bayonne midwife Anna (Annie) Specert Weyel.
Each record contains the child’s name, birth date, street
address, mother’s maiden name, mother’s age, mother’s birthplace,
father’s name, father’s age, number of children born in marriage,
number of children to survive birth, and, occasionally,
information as to the father’s country of birth.  Weyel
delivered the children of Irish, English, German, Italian,
Hungarian, Polish and Russian immigrants.  A index
containing the child’s and parent’s names is available.


This copy of the original birth register was obtained for the
library in 1982 from Mrs. Alex.P. Huppert.



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