Manuscript Group 1176, Chatham Township, NJ, Board of Health Minutes, 1881 – 1895


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MG 1176




Minutes, 1881-1895. 1 vol.


The Chatham Township, N.J. Board of Health (Morris County) was
established in 1881 as a result of state legislation (1880-1881)
that first authorized the creation of local boards of health and
empowered them to issue ordinances.  Meeting minutes include
the first set of township health ordinances (1884) for this town
of 4,377 inhabitants, notes on health inspection, appointment of
inspectors and special committees, accounts of contagious
diseases, approval of slaughterhouses and butchers, and citizen
complaints about unsanitary conditions.

Specific complaints concern the disposal of dead animals, rabies,
slaughterhouses and butchers, pig-pens, foul odors, garbage and
waste removal, and sanitary problems from sewerage, cisterns,
privies and water supplies.  Includes names and locations of
health code violators.  Also, documents cases of contagious
diseases: measles, diphtheria, malaria, cholera, smallpox and
scarlet fever.  Committee members between the years
1881-1895 included:



Baldwin, Dayton

Griswold, Benjamin
Ogden, William W.


Brittin, William J.
Hopping, Eugene
Osborn, M.M.


Burnet, B.W.
Hopping, Theodore
Reed, L.H.


Bush, C.M.
Lum, Merrit B.
Swain, George M.


Crane, Marcus B. McDougal,
George S.          Tunis,
John M.


Dehart, John N.

Miller, Edward P.  Van Wagner, Dr. J.E.


Genung, Andrew N.
Muchmore, Hudson
Wolfe, Dr. W.J.


Genung, George W.

Young, Henry W.





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