Manuscript Group 1494, Scrapbook Collection 1832-1995, 119 scrapbooks

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Manuscript Group 1494, Scrapbook Collection

1832-1995, 119 scrapbooks
Call Number: MG 1494 + SB number (Some of the scrapbooks are located in our off-site
facility and require 1 week notification prior to viewing.)



A collection of scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings, programs, tickets, and other memorabilia on such topics as politics, New Jersey history, genealogy, sports, and family news. Included are the scrapbooks of Abraham Van Doren Honeyman (1849-1936) and Franklin Satterthwaite (1845-1888).

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Item List:

Scrapbook Description Date
SB1 Newspaper Clipping. Newark, NJ April-May 1916
–Newark’s distinguished guests
–Homes that figured in the Revolution
–Newark History
–Puritans in Newark
SB2 Newspaper Clippings. Newark, NJ ca. 1913
–German Language clippings
–Zeitunugs. Ausschmitte und Drucke
SB3 New Jersey History Newspaper Clippings 1890-1891
SB4 (os) Newspaper Clippings 1916-1936
–History of Newark and Surrounding Cities
–Newark Buildings
–19th Century Prints
–Newark People
SB5 (os) Newspaper Clippings, Newark, NJ 1934-1957
–Newark’s Centennial Anniversary
–Newark History
SB6 (os) Newspaper Clippings 1840-1938
–Princeton College
–Electoral Vote of New Jersey, 1860
–Ocean County
–New Jersey Coastline
–New Jersey History
SB7 (os) Newspaper Clippings, Newark, NJ 1916-1938
–Newark 250th Anniversary of Founding
–Newark History
–Prints and Photographs of Newark
SB8 (os) Newspaper Clippings 1896-1937
–New Jersey History
–New Jersey Places
–World War I
–Rutgers History
SB9 (os) Newspaper Clippings 1869-1889
–Human Interest Stories
–Self Help Articles
–Religious Articles
SB10 Newspaper Clippings. Newark, NJ 1837-1858
–New Jersey History
SB11 Newspaper Clippings, Newark, NJ 1906-1909
–Newark History
–Newark Places
–Newark People
SB12 See Manuscript Group 1478
SB13 See Manuscript Group 1479
SB14 (os) Newspaper Clippings, with index 1847-1886
–National News Articles
–New Jersey History
–William Steward
–Virginia Historical Society
–Newark Railroads
–Local Newark News
–United States Centennial Celebration
SB15 See Manuscript Group 1475
SB16 (os) Newspaper Clippings, Unbound and Matted Paper ca. 1890-1905
–Old First Baptist Church of Newark
–Branch Brook Park, Newark
–Market Street Bridge, Newark
–Lackawanna Bridge, Newark
–Buildings in Newark
SB17 Newspaper Clippings 1925-1949
–Washington Township
–Dover Township
–South New Jersey
–North New Jersey
–New Jersey History
SB18 Newspaper Clippings, Correspondence, Advertisements 1895-1901
–Newark Theater
–Princeton University
–School Papers and Exams
SB19 See Manuscript Group 1476 ca. 1904-1931
–New York
–Theater programs
SB20 Franklin Satterthwaite (1845-1888) Scrapbook, Newark, NJ (4 vols.) 1866-1875, 1875-1880, 1881-1883,1887
–Newspaper Clippings of Sporting Events
SB21 See Manuscript Group 1480
SB22 Newspaper Clippings 1885-1886
–New Jersey History
–New Jersey People
–New Jersey Places
–Statue of Liberty
SB23 Newspaper Clippings 1848
–Human Interest Stories
SB24 Newspaper Clippings 1917-1919
–World War I
–Church Pamphlet
–Yale Yearbook
SB25 Newspaper Clippings, Newark, NJ 1866-1868
–Governor Ward
SB26 Newspaper Clippings, Newark(?), NJ 1869
–Original Tales
SB27 (os) Newspaper Clippings ca. 1940-1950
–Historic Landmarks
–Barnegat Lighthouse
–Sleepy Hollow
–World War II
–Jersey Cranberries
–“Girard’s Talk of the Day”
–Jersey Shore
SB28 Richard C. Jenkinson (Missing) 1900-1901
–Newspaper clippings regarding Jenkinson
–Morality campaign of 1900 between Jenkinson and James M. Seymour
SB29 Newspaper Pictures 1936
–Seton Hall
–Newark Public Library
–New Jersey Churches
–Princeton University
SB30 Newspaper Clippings, Newark, NJ 1965-1966
–Newark 300th Anniversary
SB31 (os) Newspaper Clippings ca. 1900-1925
–Newspaper Cartoons/Satire
–Scottish Union
–National Insurance Company
SB32 See Manuscript Group 1493 1901-1917
–Newspaper clippings
–Tickets, etc.
–Yale University
–Exploration of Arctic and Antarctic regions
–World War I
SB33 Newspaper Clippings 1884-1886
–Election/Political Results
–New Jersey Democratic Convention
–Political Candidates
–Robert S. Green
SB34 Newspaper Clippings 1832
–Presidential Messages
–Military Commentary
–Congressional Reports/News
–United States History
–Biographies of Signers of Declaration of Independence
–Human Interest Stories
–Letters of Andrew Jackson
SB35 Newspaper Clippings 1858-1859
–Reforms and Reformers Articles
SB36 Missing
SB37 Newspaper Clippings, Hartford Times 1911-1915
–“Genealogical Gleanings” Articles
SB38 See Manuscript Group 1481
SB39 Missing
SB40 Newspaper Clippings, Newark, NJ 1870-1887
–Society News
–Theatrical News
–Fourth of July
SB41 Missing
SB42 Missing
SB43 (os) Newspaper Articles 1871
–Popular Stories
SB44 Newspaper Clippings, Cape May, NJ 1891
–Book of Cape May County
–Cape May History
SB45 Newspaper Clippings ca. 1895
–Pioneer Families of Northern New Jersey
–Pioneer Families of Northwestern New Jersey
SB46 Newspaper Clippings 1883-1902
–New York City Street Histories
SB47 Newspaper Clippings 1902
–Cholera Outbreak in Newark
–Census Statistics
–Newark Politics
SB48 Newspaper Clippings (1 vol. located off-site) 1884-1895
–Trenton Battle Monument
–Irish Military Union
–Mayor Haynes Articles
–American Currency
–Newark History
–Newark Schools
–Newark City Proposals
–Frederick T. Frelinghuysen
SB49 Newspaper Clippings 1961
–New Jersey Governor’s Race
–Election Propaganda
–Election Results
SB50 Newspaper Clippings 1963
–New Jersey Senatorial Elections
SB51 Missing
SB52 Newspaper Clippings, Salem County, NJ 1907
–Salem County History
–Salem County Families
SB53 See Manuscript Group 1479
SB54 See Manuscript Group 1482
SB55 Newspaper Clippings, Newark, NJ 1873-1886
–Religious Poems/Hymns
–Human Interest Stories
–Obituaries/ Birth Notices
–Local News
SB56 (Har) Newspaper Clippings (2 vols.) 1916
–Newark and New Jersey history
–Newark and New Jersey politics
–Newark and New Jersey sporting events
SB57 (os) Newspaper Clippings, Newark, NJ 1936
–270th Anniversary of Newark
–History of Newark
–Prints of Newark
SB58 Newspaper Clippings ca. 1890
SB59 (os) See Manuscript Group 1493 1888-1912
–Programs, etc.
–Berkeley School
–Yale University
–Yale Alumni Association of Essex County
SB60 (os) Newspaper Clippings 1934
–New Jersey People
–Photographs of Newark
–Wedding Announcements
SB61 Scrapbook of Abraham Van Doren Honeyman (1849-1936) 1876-1931
–Newspaper Clippings
–The Gazette Tour
–European Tour
–Thousand Mile Tour
–Catskill Mountains
–North Plainfield High School
–Gazette Editorials
–Rev. John Sheridan Zelie, D.D.
–Rev. William R. Richards, D.D.
SB62 Unbound Newspaper Clippings 1970-1971
–Genealogical Articles By Last Name, Indexed
SB63 Newspaper Articles 1909-1912
–New Jersey History
SB64 See Manuscript Group 1483
SB65 Newspaper Clippings 1915-1916
–Newark History
–Newark Inventors and Inventions
–Newark 250th Anniversary Celebration
–Newark’s Manor Houses
–History of Essex County
SB66 (Har)
SB67 Missing
SB68 (Har)
SB69 Missing
SB70 Missing
SB71 Missing
SB72 Missing
SB73 Missing
SB74 Missing
SB75 Newspaper Articles, Middlesex County Democrat 1845-1896
–Letters to the Editor
–Articles on Blue Light Laws
SB76 (Har)
SB77 Newspaper Clippings, Perth Amboy, NJ ca. 1910
–Perth Amboy History
SB78 (Har) Newspaper Clippings ca. 1935-1938
–Dover, New Jersey history
SB79 ???
SB80 (Har)
SB81 Missing
SB82 Missing
SB83 Newspaper Clippings, Essex County, NJ 1876-1907
SB84 Newspaper Clippings 1906
–New Jersey History
SB85 See Manuscript Group 1484
SB86 Newspaper Clippings, The Oranges, NJ 1907
–The Oranges Centennial
–History of The Oranges
SB87 Newspaper Clippings, Morristown, NJ 1933-1934
–Morristown History
–Jockey Hollow
–Revolutionary New Jersey
SB88 (Har) Newspaper Clippings 1914 (?)
–Philadelphia and Pennsylvania history
SB89 See Manuscript Group 1485
SB90 See Manuscript Group 1486
SB91 Missing
SB92 Missing
SB93 See Manuscript Group 1487
SB94 Newspaper Clippings 1855-1868
–Disputes with New York
–Revolutionary New Jersey
–Human Interest Stories
–History of Trenton
–Statistics of Newark Population
–History of Hoboken
–History of Newark
SB95 Newspaper Clippings 1872
–Human Interest Stories
–19th Century Humor
–Moral and Behavioral Advise
SB96 Newspaper Clippings ca. 1890
–Burlington History
–“Sketches of Friends” Articles
–West New Jersey History
SB97 See Manuscript Group 1477
SB98 See Manuscript Group 1477
SB99 Missing
SB100 Missing
SB101 See Manuscript Group 1488
SB102 Missing
SB103 See Manuscript Group 1489
SB104 (Har)
SB105 Newspaper Clippings, The Oranges, NJ 1907-1910
–The Oranges Centennial Celebration
–The Oranges, Buildings
–The Oranges, History
SB106 Missing
SB107 Newspaper Clippings, The Daily Sun. 1888
–New Jersey Loyalists
SB108 Newspaper Clippings and Pictures 1946-1975
–Augustus Lutherine Church, Trappe, Pennsylvania
–Pictures of Various Churches
–First Presbyterian, Basking Ridge
–First Presbyterian, Rahway
SB109 See Manuscript Group 1491
SB110 See Manuscript Group 1490
SB111 4th volume missing
SB112 See Manuscript Group 1491
SB113 Missing
SB114 (Har)
SB115 (Har)
SB117 (Har)
SB118 Newspaper Clippings 1855-1859
–Foreign Missions
–General Synod of the Reformed Dutch Church
SB119 Julio Roman (b. ca. 1982) 1995
SB120 Lincoln High School Football Scrapbook (2 folders) 1961-1964

Scrapbooks in Other Manuscript Collections:

Manuscript Group 27, Boggs Family Papers: Contains various Boggs family members scrapbooks

Manuscript Group 28, Marcus L. Ward (1812-1884) Papers: Contains Ward’s scrapbook from 1856-1858 and 1862-1867.

Manuscript Group 53, Andrew D. Mellick, Jr. (1844-1895) Papers: Contains Mellick’s scrapbook from the 1890s on New Jersey history

Manuscript Group 408, Horace N. Congar (1817-1893) Papers

Manuscript Group 517, Scrapbook of Poetry and Prose (Burlington, NJ)

Manuscript Group 572, Mary Philbrook (1872-1958) Papers

Manuscript Group 734, John Whitehead (fl. 1837-1840) and William A. Whitehead (1810-1884) Papers: Contains a scrapbook of William A. Whitehead

Manuscript Group 824, Smith Family Papers: Contains scrapbooks of various family members

Manuscript Group 843, George Perry Morris (1864-1921) Papers: Contains 20 of Morris’s scrapbooks

Manuscript Group 848, Joseph Sherman Frelinghuysen (1869-1948) Scrapbook

Manuscript Group 866, McDowell Family Papers: Contains scrapbooks of William O. McDowell (1848-1927) and Rachel Kollock McDowell (1880-1949)

Manuscript Group 882, Trinity Cathedral in Newark Records: Contains a scrapbook from the 150th Anniversary of the church

Manuscript Group 941, William A. Whitehead (1810-1884) Scrapbook

Manuscript Group 942, Ebenezer Sayre (1749-1822) and Jane E. Sayre (d. 1857) daybook/scrapbook

Manuscript Group 1073, The House of Prayer Episcopal Church Records: Contains scrapbooks of the church’s history

Manuscript Group 1163, Whittier House Social Settlement Records

Manuscript Group 1224, Colhoun Family (Rutherford, NJ) Papers: Contains the scrapbook of Margery Colhoun (ca. 1895-1985)

Manuscript Group 1265, Cooper Family Papers: Contains scrapbook of William Henry Cooper (1808-1880)

Manuscript Group 1317, Mary Harrington (fl. 1876-1894) Scrapbook

Manuscript Group 1379, Maureen B. Ogden (b. 1928) Papers: Contains a scrapbook documenting her career as a government official in Millburn, New Jersey.

Manuscript Group 1475, Briggs Theater Scrapbook

Manuscript Group 1476, Theater Program Scrapbook

Manuscript Group 1477, Charles M. Kase Scrapbooks

Manuscript Group 1478, Joseph B. Crandell Scrapbook

Manuscript Group 1479, Howard E. Ogle Scrapbook

Manuscript Group 1480, W.E. Dillon Dowtown Boys Club Scrapbook

Manuscript Group 1481, Harrison Family Scrapbook

Manuscript Group 1482, Samuel Butterworth Scrapbook

Manuscript Group 1483, Walter S. Tully Scrapbook

Manuscript Group 1484, Quimby / Rennick / Montclair Teachers College Scrapbook

Manuscript Group 1485, Mitilda Smith Murder Scrapbook

Manuscript Group 1486, Charles S. Plummer Scrapbook

Manuscript Group 1487, Charles K. Barton Scrapbook

Manuscript Group 1488, Triton Boat Club Scrapbook

Manuscript Group 1489, Paul Revere Boys Club Photograph Scrapbook

Manuscript Group 1490, R.H. Rice / Stevens Academy Scrapbook

Manuscript Group 1491, George Ketcham (ca. 1839-1921) Scrapbooks

Manuscript Group 1493, W. Clark Symington Scrapbooks

Manuscript Group 1521, Norwood S. Skinner (b. 1903) Scrapbooks

Manuscript Group 1525, Dr. Leo Litzky (fl. 1932-1977) Papers

Manuscript Group 1546, Sallie Marshall Scrapbook, 1851-1900

Manuscript Group 1568, Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church Scrapbook, 1890-1910

Manuscript Group 1603, Masci Family Scrapbooks, 1900-1940


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