Manuscript Group 1363, New Jersey People: Individuals, Families, and Groups Photographs, 18th-20th centuries

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Manuscript Group 1363, New Jersey People: Individuals, Families, and Groups

Photographs, 18th-20th centuries, 35 linear feet

Call Number: MG 1363 + Box and folder number



Image collection of New Jersey people.  Includes individual, family, and group shots of both ordinary and prominent people.  Contains various image formats including tintypes, carte de visites, postcards, and others.  Arranged alphabetically by last name.

Scope and Content Note:

This series consists of images of ordinary and prominent individuals, families and groups from New Jersey and elsewhere. Included are photographs (1860’s-1990’s–bulk dates 1880’s-1920’s) and prints (18th-20th century) in posed portraits, snapshots, family photographs and other images. Formats include tintypes, carte de visites, cabinet cards, postcards, matted photographs, standard 8x10 photographs; oversized photographs and prints including lithographs and engravings.

Images document Civil War soldiers; Governors of New Jersey; prominent U.S. military leaders in the Civil War and Revolutionary War; Presidents of the U.S. (some visiting NJ); mayors of Newark, NJ; businessmen of NJ; New Jersey attorneys and judges; women’s club presidents; board members and staff of NJHS; 19th century NJ legislators; individuals of importance in New Jersey and U.S. history; many NJ ministers; African-Americans in Newark and elsewhere; 19th century political leaders; literary personalities; British aristocracy associated with Colonial New Jersey; publicity shots of over 100 actors and actresses appearing in New York and Newark theaters, ca. 1900-1910 (includes George M. Cohen, Lily Langtree; Sarah Bernhardt; Lilian Russell); Civil War veterans active in the New Jersey Grand Army of the Republic; and many ordinary individuals from New Jersey. Several unidentified 19th century cabinet cards, tintypes, and carte de visites are divided by children, men or women.

Names included are Joseph P. Bradley; Colgate Family; Frelinghuysen family; Hornblower Family; Philip Kearny; McCarter Family; A. Harry Moore; Franklin Murphy; McDowell family; Smith/Waddell Family; Woodrow Wilson; Thomas Edison; Stevens Family;  Louis Becker; Camp Family; and thousands of others. See Finding Aid.

The Guide for the People: Individuals & Families series of photographs is organized alphabetically into five parts: letter size folders (boxes 1-46); oversized (OS boxes 1-12); and double oversized photographs.  Individuals, family, and group photographs are also included in the photograph albums; and cased photograph (daguerreotypes/ambrotypes) series.

This guide lists several thousand names. Folders sometimes contain photographs or prints of only one individual. Other folders contain members of one family. Most folders, though, contain images of several individuals with a certain alphabetical range (Ai-Ag or We-Wr). The Guide lists most but not all of the names or last names represented. Many non-New Jersey individuals are not listed (especially foreign monarchs). Therefore it should be noted that there are more individuals represented in a folder than are listed in the Guide. It should also be noted that this is an open collection and is always growing.


Box/Folder List:

Box 1/1                        AB.

Box 1/2                        Abbett, Leon.

Box 1/3                        Abbott. Etta Johnson Abbott.  Prof. A.C. Abbot; others.

Box 1/4                        AC.

Box 1/5                        AD.George Ade, John Adynick?

Box 1/6                        Adams-John Adams, Samuel Adams, and other Massachusetts Adams.

Box 1/7                        Adams-Maud Adams, actress; Rev. George E. Adams; others.

Box 1/8                        Addonizio, Hugh (Mayor of Newark) with Wm. Kerr Bickerstaffe of Newark on Trent, England.

Box 1/9                        African-Americans-Unidentified. Women, children, families.

Box 1/10-11                African-Americans-Unidentified Family. Children, beach photos, workers, Asian-Americans (Joe Fong). 1987.43

Box 2/1-2                    African-Americans-Unidentified Family. Children, beach photo’s, workers, Asian Americans Joe Fong). 1987.43.

Box 2/3                        AG. Louis Agassiz.

Box 2/4                        Agens, Jonas. Boot & Shoe Dealer, Newark.

Box 2/5                        AL.Salomon Alofsen;  Theo W. Alston; T.C. Alcott; others.

Box 2/6                        Aldrin, Buzz (astronaut).

Box 2/7                        Alexander.

Box 2/8                        Allen. Actresses. Lyman Allen; others.

Box 2/9                        Alling. Horace Alling; Wm. R. Alling.

Box 2/10                      Allston, Washington

Box 2/11                      AM-AN. Susan B. Anthony; E. Van Andruss; Issac M. Andrews; G. Ambruster (vet).

Box 2/12                      Ames. Fisher Ames, others.

Box 2/13                      Anderson. Lathrop Anderson; Actor’s troupe.

Box 2/14                      Andre, Major John.

Box 2/15                      AP. W. Scott Apgar; Dr. Virginia Apgar.

Box 2/16                      AR.Rev. Andrew M. Arcularius, Major Archibald of Newark.

Box 2/17                      Arnold.

Box 2/18                      Arnold, Benedict.

Box 3/1                        Arthur, Chester.

Box 3/2                        Arthur, Julia, actress.

Box 3/3                        AS. William M. Ashley; others.

Box 3/4                        Astor Family.

Box 3/5                        AT. Caroline A. Atwater;  Samuel Atwater; others.

Box 3/6                        Atha Family.

Box 3/7                        AU. Wm. J. Augustine, Charles H. Ault; Chellis A. Austin, others.

Box 3/8                        Audubon, John J.

Box 3/9                        Auferman family.

Box 3/10                      AX – AY.C.L. Ayer; R.H. Ayer.

Box 3/11-13              BA. Amassa Barringer; Carl Bauman; George M. Ballard;  Charles B. Badger; Morris L. Barr;  Charles Badgley;  Michael J. Barrett; others.

Box 3/14                      Bailey.

Box 3/15                      Bainbridge, William

Box 3/16                      Baird. Includes Spencer Baird.

Box 3/17                      Baldwin. Henry W. Baldwin in fur coat; Isaac Baldwin; E. B. Baldwin; Rev. Fritz W. Baldwin; others.

Box 3/18                      Ball Family.

Box 3/19                      Bamberger. Morris Bamberger.

Box 3/20                      Banks.

Box 3/21                      Barnard, Levi R. Portrait and on horse in uniform.

Box 3/22                      Barnes

Box 3/23                      Barney, Joshua.

Box 3/24                      Barry. Elizabeth Berry. Edmund Berry.

Box 3/25                      Barry, John, 1745-1803.

Box 3/26                      Barrymore, Ethel

Box 3/27                      Bathgate Family.

Box 3/28                      Battin, Sylvester S.

Box 3/29                      Bayard. Samuel, Mattie and James A. Bayard.

Box 4/1-2                    BE. Bauman Lowe Belden; Samuel L. Bennett; Helen L. Bentley (age 2);  William C. Bennett; Benedict family; B. Augustine (vet with one leg); Rev. George W. Bethune; Mayor Thomas Beveridge; Frank Bergen; others.

Box 4/3                        Beck, Robert.

Box 4/4                        Becker. Louis Becker and family. Others.

Box 4/5                        Bedle, Joseph D.

Box 4/6                        Beecher. Henry Ward Beecher.

Box 4/7                        Belcher. Charles Belcher. Jonathon Belcher.

Box 4/8                        Benton, Thomas H.

Box 4/9                        Berkeley, Lord John.

Box 4/10                      Bernhart, Sara, actress: “I look into the future with Fear & Trembling.”

Box 4/11                      BI. E.B. Bingham; John R. Bishop; Delia H. Biddle (age 2).

Box 4/12                      Bickerstaffe, William Kerr.

Box 4/13                      Bigelow. Moses Bigelow; others.

Box 4/14                      BL. Anna Blanchard; Emma Blackwell; E.A. Bleything;  Edward Bloustein; Frederick Q. Blanchard; others.

Box 4/15                      Blaine, James G.

Box 4/16                      Blair, John Insley. Lithographs and at age 95 in 1897.

Box 4/17                      Bloomfield. Joseph Bloomfield; Mary Ludlow Bloomfield.

Box 4/18                      BO. Boggs, J.C. Bowers; Bolton; others.

Box 4/19                      Bonaparte.

Box 4/20                      Boone.

Box 4/21                      Booth. Edwin Booth. John Wilkes Booth.

Box 4/22                      Boudinot, Elias. Annis Boudinot Stockton.

Box 4/23                      Bourbon.

Box 5/1                        Boyden, Seth. Boyden family.

Box 5/2-3                    BR. Includes A.M.  Browning; Brown, Bross,  Bryan, Eliza Brower,  Rev. Phillips Brooks, Katherine Browning, Otto Brandt, photo of portrait of Col. David Brearley, Bray, and many others.

Box 5/4-10                  Bradley,  Joseph P. Also some of  Mary Hornblower Bradley.

Box 5/11                      Bradley Charles B.

Box 5/12                      Brennan. William J. Brennan.

Box 5/13                      Brewer Family.

Box 5/14                      Brinkerhoff. Photos of portraits.

Box 5/15                      Brown. Mary Spaulding Brown, Adelaide H. Brown,  Wm. Harrison Brown, Katherine Whalen Brown, Jacob O. Brown. Many others.

Box 5/16                      Browne, Rev. Allen Henry (1802-1907?).

Box 5/17                      Browne. Richard Browne engraving and  R.H. Browne photo of U.S. Supreme Court, 1877.

Box 5/18                      Bruen. Daniel Bruen, Frank Bruen, J. Bruen.

Box 5/19                      Bryant.

Box 5/20-21                BU. Philo B. Buckingham; Fannie Burdett; Buckley; Ole Bull; Mrs. Burnett; John J. Burkhardt; Billie Burke (actress); Maj. Gen. Daniel Butterfield.

Box 5/22                      Buchanan. James Buchanan, others.

Box 6/1                        Burnet. William Burnet; Abner Ball Burnet; David G. Burnet-President of  Texas.

Box 6/2                        Burnside, General Ambrose Everett.

Box 6/3                        Burr, Aaron.

Box 6/4                        Burr, Dr. W.C.

Box 6/5                        Byers. John Byers. Mary Ann Lucas Byers.

Box 6/6                        Byrne, Brendan.

Box 6/7-8                    CA. Wm  B. Casey;  Andrew Calahan; Paul V. F. Cane; G.W. Cable; Caruso (opera singer); J.M. Carpenter; many others.

Box 6/9                        Cahill, Gov. William T.

Box 6/10                      Caldwell Family.

Box 6/11                      Calhoun, John C.

Box 6/12-13                Camp. Charles Wellner  Camp, Kingland Camp, Emilie Camp, Mary Camp,  Hugh H. Camp. Other family members. Many 19th century children photos.

Box 6/14                      Campbell.

Box 6/15                      Campfield. Calvin Campfield;  Miss H. S. Campfield. Others.

Box 6/16-17                Canfield. Frederick A. Canfield;  Silas Canfield;  Caroline Canfield; others.

Box 6/18                      Carman.

Box 6/19                      Carpender, Admiral Arthur S.

Box 7/1                        Carter. Samuel Carter, catcher on Elizabeth NJ baseball team, 1886. Others.

Box 7/2                        Carteret. George Carteret; Elizabeth Carteret. Photos of paintings.

Box 7/3                        Cass, Lewis.

Box 7/4                        Cassien. Matthew Cassien; Mary Ann Thorn Cassien.  Others.

Box 7/5                        Cattell, Alexander G.

Box 7/6-7                    CE – CH. Howard Chidley;  Charles II;  Chandler;  Helen K. Cheeseman; Child; others.

Box 7/8                        Chase, Salmon P.

Box 7/9                        CI.

Box 7/10                      CL.Clatworthy wedding, 1864; Kate Claxton, actress; Oscar Clute;  Lord Clarendon.

Box 7/11                      Clarke. William L. Clarke; Mrs Clarke; William M. Clarke.

Box 7/12                      Clark. William H. Clark; small children (1860’s); Rev Thomas M. Clark;  William A. Clark;  Daniel T. Clark. Others.

Box 7/13-14                Clay, Henry.

Box 7A/1                     Clee, Lester H.

Box 7A/2                     Cleveland, Grover (President).

Box 7A/3                     Clinton. George Clinton; Dewitt Clinton.

Box 7A/4                     CO. Cooper; Colgrove; Cogswell; Colton; Colyer; Ida Conquest (actress) with terrier; Corbin; George M. Cohen.

Box 8/1-2                    CO.

Box 8/3                        Cochran. Dr. John Cochran.

Box 8/4-8                    Coddington Family.

Box 8/5                        Coe Family.

Box 8/6                        Coffey, Katherine.

Box 8/7                        Coles. Abraham Coles; others.

Box 8/8                        Colfax. Schuyler Colfax; William Colfax.

Box 8/9                        Colgate. Samuel Colgate; Six Colgate Brothers; Colgate & Co. Others.

Box 8/10                      Collins.

Box 8/11                      Colt.

Box 8/12                      Columbus, Christopher.

Box 8/13                      Comer Family.

Box 8/14                      Condit Family.

Box 8/15                      Cone. William F. Cone, photographer; Jessie Cone.

Box 9/1                        Congar. Dollie Congar; Abraham Bogart Congar; Samuel H. Congar. Others.

Box 9/2                        Congleton. Mayor Congleton of Newark.

Box 9/3                        Cooper. J. Fenimore Cooper; Stephen Cooper; John Cummings Cooper.

Box 9/4                        Coventry. Sir Thomas Coventry. Others.

Box 9/5                        Cox.

Box 9/6                        Coxe, Col. Daniel.

Box 9/7                        CR.Crissey; Crawford; General Crook’s Apache scouts; Crowell;  Dr. D.J. Craig; Crum.

Box 9/8                        Crane. Aaron Dodd Crane; Stephen Crane; Others.

Box 9/9                        Croes, Rev John.

Box 9/10                      Cromwell, Oliver.

Box 9/11                      CU. Juliet E. Cushing; Charlotte Saunders Cushman;  Rev Frederick W. Cutler; George Custer;  Charles Custis.

Box 9/12                      Cummins Family.

Box 9/13                      Cunningham, John.

Box 9/14                      Curcio Family. Louise Curcio, Newark piano & singing teacher. Includes photos of African-American students.

Box 9/15                      DA. Daly; General Charles W. Darling;  Dawson. Others.

Box 9A/16                   Dana. John Colton Dana. Others.

Box 9A/17                   Davis. Jefferson Davis; Eugene S. Davis; others.

Box 9A/18                   Dayton.

Box 9A/19                   DE. Dennis; Dey; Deshler; Degan; Justice David A Depue; Others.

Box 9A/20                   Decatur. Stephen Decatur.

Box 9A/21                   DeMedici.

Box 10/1                      Denmark (Royal Family)

Box 10/2                      Dennis. Child with dog. Other children.

Box 10/3                      DI.Diefenthaeler; Dickson; others.

Box 10/4                      Dickerson. Philomon Dickerson; Mahlon Dickerson.

Box 10/5                      Dickinson. Jonathon Dickinson. Others.

Box 10/6                      Dillon.  John Dillon; Sidney Dillon.

Box 10/7                      DO. Doan; Admiral Dot (dwarf); A.L. Downer;  Prof. Theo. L. Doolittle; Patrick Doyle. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Others.

Box 10/8                      Doane, Bishop George Hobart.

Box 10/9                      Dodd. Stephen Dodd; Moses Dodd. Others.

Box 10/10                    Dodge. Mary Mapes Dodge. James Dodge, Ebenezer Dodge.

Box 10/11                    Doremus Family including 100 year old Sallie Doremus in 1903.

Box 10/12                    Douglas. Stephen Douglas. Robert S. Douglas with Spanish-American war troup.

Box 10/13                    DR. Drowne.

Box 10/14                    Drake. Eva & Ida Drake (children) portrait, 19th century; others.

Box 10/15                    Drew. John Drew, actor;  Mrs. George Drew (H. Louisa Vermeule).

Box 10/16                    Driscoll, Gov. Alfred E.

Box 10/17                    Dryden. John F. Dryden. Grace & Forrest Dryden.

Box 10/18                    DU.  Rev Duane; Dudley; William R. Duryee; William Dunster; Durhing; Clarence Durrie in group photo of Jersey City  Medical School (?);  Edward Durino, boxer. Others

Box 10/19                    Du Pont, S.F. ?

Box 10/20                    Duncan. Sebastian Cabot Duncan Jr.; Others.

Box 10/21                    Durand. Asher Brown Durand;  James H. Durand; Others.

Box 10/22                    Durant. Theodore C. Durant; W.C.. Durant; Others.

Box 10/23                    DW.

Box 11/1                      EA. William L. Earl. Others.

Box 11/2                      Eagleton. Florence Peshine Eagleton. Eagleton coat of arms.

Box 11/3                      Eaton. Warren Francis Eaton  (child). Others.

Box 11/4                      EB.

Box 11/5                      ED.Edson; Eddy; Christine Edler;

Box 11/6, 6a,6b             Edison. Thomas Edison. Edison with Henry Ford & John Burrows; Mr & Mrs. Edison; photos of drawings of important events; Charles Edison; Edison in his lab;  others.

Box 11/7                      Edwards.

Box 11/8                      EG.– –EHEI. Walter E. Edge; Ehlers; Eggers; others.

Box 11/9                      EL.

Box 11/10                    Eliot. Charles W. Eliot;

Box 11/11                    Elliot. Charles Elliot; W.B. Elliot; Elliot preaching to Indians.

Box 11/12                    Ellsworth, Oliver.

Box 11/13                    Ely. Alfred Ely. Edwin A. Ely;  Sumner Ely; Helena R. Ely; John H. Ely. Others.

Box 11/14                    EM.

Box 11/15                    Emerson, Ralph Waldo.

Box 11/16                    Emery, John R.

Box 11/17                    EN.Ennis of the Davenport Club. Others.

Box 11/18                    English, Thomas Dunn.

Box 11/19                    ER – ES – ET – EV.The Misses Escher dressed as men; Rev             Charles Hall Everest; others.

Box  11/20                   Everett, Edward. Martin Ryerson Everett.

Box 11/21                    EW. Josiah Ewan.

Box 11/22                    Ewing. Charles Ewing; Thomas Ewing; Charles Ewing.

Box 12/1                      FA.Fairchild; Farrund; Farrell; Farmer.

Box 12/2                      Farman, Henry.

Box 12/3                      Farragut, Admiral D.E.

Box 12/4                      Fawcett, Sara-first art supervisor in Newark School system.

Box 12/5                      FE.Ferguson, Ferry, Ferris; Feagles; Fenwick.

Box 12/6                      Fewsmith. Rev. Henry and wife Emma Fewsmith. Dr. Joseph Fewsmith, surgeon of Newark.

Box 12/7                      FI.Fitz; Fisher.

Box 12/8                      Field. Evelina Field; Richard S. Field; others.

Box 12/9                      Fillmore, Millard.

Box 12/10                    Fish.

Box 12/11                    Fiske John Fiskel; Mrs. Fiske, actress.

Box 12/12                    FL.James E. Fleming; Flagg; Fletcher.

Box 12/13                    Flaacke. Family scenes.

Box 12/14                    FO.Eddie Foy, actor; Rev  Dascomb Forbush; Fortmeyer; others.

Box 12/15                    Foote, Commodore Andrew H.

Box 12/16                    Ford.

Box 12/17                    Fort. George F. Fort’ Franklin W. Fort.

Box 12/18                    Foster.

Box 12/19                    FR.Frost; Frederick; Freer; others.

Box 13/1                      Franklin.  Benjamin Franklin. William Franklin.

Box 13/2                      Freeman.

Box 13/3-4                  Frelinghuysen. Frederick, Theodore; Joseph Emily; Peter; others.

Box 13/5                      Fremont, John C.

Box 13/6                      Freneau,  Philip.

Box 13/7                      FU.

Box 13/8                      Fuld, Felix–Bamberger Dept. Store.

Box 13/9                      Fulton, Robert.

Box 13/10                    GA.Gallatin; Gardener; Gaston; Garabrant; others.

Box 13/11                    Garfield. James Garfield; Lucretia Garfield; Lucy Curtis Garfield. DOS

Box 13/12                    Garrison.

Box 13/13                    Gates, Horatio.

Box 13/14                    GE. Geery;  Geiger; Geary; others.

Box 13/15                    George.

Box 13/16                    GI.Gibbon; Gist; Gilson; Charles Gillen; Kenneth Gibson; others.

Box 13/17                    Gifford. Fannie and Oswald Gifford; others.

Box 13/18                    Gillmore, General G. A.

Box 13/19                    GL.Glenn; Glazierl Gluttiny; Gladstone; others.

Box 13/20                    GN.

Box 13/21                    GO.Golding; Goddard; Gough; others.

Box 14/1                      Goble. Jabez G. Goble; Abby L. Goble.

Box 14/2                      Goodwin, Rev. Hannibal.

Box 14/3                      Gould.

Box 14/4-5                  GR.Grant; Griggs; Greble; Groel;Greely; Griffith; Grimes; Grayson; others.

Box 14/6                      Grant, Ullyses.

Box 14/7                      Green. Henry W, Green; William M. Green; Gov. Robert S. Green; others.

Box 14/8                      Greene. Nathaniel Greene; others.

Box 14/9                      Griffin. E.L. Griffin. Chancellor Griffin.

Box 14/10                    Grover, Lewis C.

Box 14/11                    GU.Guyen; Guindon;Guthrie; Gummere.

Box 14/12                    Guibord Family.

Box 14/13-15              HA. Hazard; Habersham; Harper; Hague; Halock; Haynes; Hare; Harlan; Deborah Harry with Blondie; others.

Box 15/1                      Haines.

Box 15/2                      Hale.

Box 15/3                      Hall.

Box 15/4                      Halleck. FitzGreene Halleck; H.W. Halleck.

Box 15/5                      Halsey. Mary Smith Halsey; George A. Halsey; Edmund D. Halsey; William Halsey; Eliza R. Halsey; others.

Box 15/6                      Halsted. General N.H. Halsted; Oliver Halsted; George Halsted; others.

Box 15/7                      Hamill, Rev. Samuel M.

Box 15/8                      Hamilton, Alexander.

Box 15/9                      Hancock. John Hancock; Winfield S. Hancock.

Box 15/10                    Hard Family.

Box 15/11                    Harden Family.

Box 15/12                    Harding, Warren. President Harding playing golf and signing treaty ending World War I in 1923 at Senator Joseph Frelinghuysen’s house in Raritan.

Box 15/13                    Harris.

Box 15/14                    Harrison. Ira Harrison; William H. Harrison; Benjamin Harrison.

Box 15/15                    Hart. John Hart, signer.

Box 15/16                    Hartshorne. Joanna Hartshorne; Anna Hartshorne; Richard Hartshorne.

Box 15/17                    Hastings. S. Clinton Hastings; Marquis Francis Hastings.

Box 15/18                    Hay, James.

Box 15/19                    Hayes. Henry Hayes, Arthur Hayes; President Rutherford B. Hayes with his wife Lucy and with his cabinet.

Box 15/20                    Hays. James L. Hays; Will H. Hays; Dr. Issac Hays.

Box 15/21-22              HE. Mail carrier “Postman Herrmann,” ca 1900; Heller; Herr; Heath; Ruth S. Henkel in Dutch dance outfit; “Anna Held ‘s(actress) plump neck and shoulders are envied by many a beauty,” 1904.

Box 16/1                      Heard. Photos of paintings of  Capt John Heard; Mary Ford Heard; General Nathaniel Heard.

Box 16/2                      Henry. Patrick Henry; Joseph Henry; Jduge Thomas S. Henry.

Box 16/3                      HI. Edwin W. Hine; others.

Box 16/4                      Hill. Edwin Hill; Charles E. Hill; Thomas Hill; John F. Hill; others.

Box 16/5-6                  HO.Rev. Joseph Holdich;  Rev. F. C. Holliday;  Judge Charles C. Hommann;  John Holland, submarine maker; Edmund O. Hovey; Rev Hopwood; Ruth Hoagland; Samuel Philip Holland; Rev. Hodge; George G. Hollinyshead; S.P. Holt; Sam Houston; others.

Box 16/7                      Hobart, Garret A.

Box 16/8                      Hoffman. Dore Hoffman; others.

Box 16/9                      Holbrook. Rev. Amos Holbrook; others.

Box 16/10                    Holden. George Holden; Edgar Holden; Rev Edwin R. Holden; three Holden children from Newark, ca. 1880’s; Levi and Hannah Holden.

Box 16/11                    Hollinshed, Henry Howard.

Box 16/12                    Holmes. Oliver Wendel Holmes; Benjamin P. Holmes; others.

Box 16/13                    Honeyman, Mr & Mrs. A Van Doren.

Box 16/14                    Hooker, General Joseph.

Box 16/15                    Hopkinson, Francis.

Box 16/16                    Hopper.

Box 16/17                    Hornblower. Josiah Hornblower; F.A. Hornblower.

Box 16/18                    Howard, General O.O.

Box 16/19                    Howe. Dr. & Mrs. George Rowland Howe; others.

Box 16/20                    Howell.

Box 17/1                      Hoyt. Clarissa Harding Hoyt; Peter Hoyt Jr.; Colgate Hoyt.

Box 17/2                      HU. Samuel Huntingdon; Hunkelle, Huntting; Hutten. others.

Box 17/3                      Hudson.

Box 17/4                      Hughes. Richard Hughes; Charles Evans Hughes; Rev. John Hughes.

Box 17/5                      Hull.

Box 17/6                      Humphreys. Alexander C., of Stevens Institute.

Box 17/7                      Hungufurt, S.D.

Box 17/8                      Hunt, Samuel H.

Box 17/9                      HY. Hyde. Hyatt.

Box 17/10                    IB.IN..  Ingersoll; others.

Box 17/11                    Inness, George.

Box 17/12                    IR -IV.

Box 17/13                    Irving, Washington.

Box 17/14                    JA. Anna Jameson; Janeway; Jacoby; Jarvis.

Box 17/15                    Jackson. Andrew Jackson; Thomas “Stonewall Jackson,” Francis W. Jackson; C. C. Jackson.,

Box 17/16                    James.

Box 17/17                    Jay. John Jay  and family.

Box 17/18                    JE. Jewett; Jerome; Jenson; Jenes; others.

Box 17/19                    Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson; others.

Box 17/20                    Jenkinson.

Box 17/21                    JO.

Box 17/22                    Johnson. Andrew Johnson, Samuel Johnson; Sarah W. Johnson; others.

Box 17/23                    Johnson (Coddington & Guibord families).

Box 17/24                    Johnston, General Joseph E.

Box 17/25                    Jones. John Paul Jones; Laura Hambet Jones in wedding gown, 1894; others.

Box 17/26                    JU. Jube.

Box 17/27                    Jurists

Box 18/1                      KA. Kavanaugh; Kane; 2 children of Jacob Kahn; Karcher.

Box 18/2                      Kalisch. Judge Samuel Kalisch; Dr. Isidor Kalisch.

Box 18/3                      KE. Kent; Kenton; Keasley; Keyes; Keene; Kerr; Kelsey; Kellner;  others.

Box 18/4                      Kean, Governor Thomas.

Box 18/5                      Kearny, General Philip Kearny; John W. Kearney.

Box 18/6                      Kennedy. Charles Kennedy; Hugh C. Kennedy; L.W. Kennedy, war surgeon; others.

Box 18/7-10                Keuffel Family of Hoboken.

Box 18/11                    KI. Kirkpatrick; James Kinsey; Kinsey; Kirk; Kitchell; Kirkner; others.

Box 18/12                    Kilpatrick, General Judson.

Box 18/13                    King. Rufus King; Thomas Star King; others.

Box 19/1                      Kingsland Family.

Box 19/2                      Kinney Family including Thomas T. Kinney; William B. Kinney; Janet Murphy Kinney;

Box 19/3                      Kip Family.

Box 19/4                      Kirchner Family

Box  19/5                     KL. August(?) Klapprott (German American Bund); Samuel Klatz; Lester Klee.

Box 19/6                      KN. Includes Karl Kniep in regalia of  the “Bucherworm” literary society.

Box 19/7                      Knipe, James F. Civil War soldier.

Box 19/8                      Knox, General Henry.

Box 19/9                      KO. Koenig; Koewing, August Koellhoffer, bulger.

Box 19/10                    Kossuth, Louis.

Box 19/11                    KR. Julia Kroeh; Charles F. Kraemer.

Box 19/12                    Kratz Ethe Zerbe.

Box 19/13                    Krueger, Gottfried.

Box 19/14                    KU. Frederich Kuhn; others

Box 19/15                    Kuser, Anthony.

Box 19/16                    LA. Lily Langtree; Leach; LaMonte; Lambert;  Anna and Christopher Landon; others.

Box 19/17                    Lafayette,  Marquis de.

Box 19/18                    Lannin, Lester.

Box 19/19                    Lathrop.

Box 19/20                    Laurens, Henry.

Box 19/21                    Lawrence. James Lawrence; others.

Box 19/22                    Lawson.

Box 19/23                    LE. Ledig; Leese; Leach; Leonard; Lelong; others.

Box 19/24                    Lee. Robert E. Lee;  Richard Henry Lee; Peter Lee;

Box 20/1-2                  Legislators, N.J. (19th century/unidentified cabinet cards)

Box 20/3                      Lewis. Franklin B. Lewis; Colonel Lewis; painting of Edwin and Mary Lewis.

Box 20/4                      Leyenberger (Charles) Family. Several children (19th century).

Box 20/5                      LI.Baron Littlefinger & family (drawf); Lienau; Linder; Lidgerwood; Lintott: Liveright; Jenny Lind.  DOS

Box 20/6                      Lincoln, General Benjamin.

Box 20/7-11                Lincoln, Abraham.

Box 20/12                    Linderman. Henry Richard Linderman; James Oliver Linderman; John Jordan Linderman; others.

Box 21/1                      Lines, Bishop Edward.

Box 21/2                      Little. George Little; John C. Little; F.H. Little.

Box 21/3                      Livingston. Robert R. Livingston; John H. Livingston; William Livingston.

Box 21/4                      LO. Lowry; Longworth; Love; Loomis; Longo; Lock; Lovelace; Low; Loveland.

Box 21/5                      Logan, John A.

Box 21/6                      Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth.

Box 21/7                      Lord, Clifford L.

Box 21/8                      Louis.

Box 21/9                      LU. Lunger; Ludlow; Ludwig; Lucas.

Box 21/10                    Lum Family. Mr. & Mrs Charles M. Lum.

Box 21/11                    Lunny, Robert M.

Box 21/12                    Lusk, Davis W.

Box 21/13                    LY.

Box 21/14                    Lyon. Nathaniel Lyon; Louis Lyon; F.H.Lyon.

Box 21/15-16              MA. Mabie; Mather; Martland; Matthews; Clara Maass; others.

Box 21/17                    Madison, James.

Box 21/18                    Maile Family.

Box 21/19                    Marcus Family tintypes, 1860-1880. Children.

Box 21/20                    Marion, Francis.

Box 21/21                    Marsh. Dr. Stewart Marsh; Albert R. Marsh; S.G. Marsh; William Marsh;  Lucius B. Marsh.

Box 21/22                    Marshall. John Marshall. Thomas B. Marshall; others.

Box 22/1-4                  Martin Family of Paterson? Also McNab family. Oval badge-like photos.

Box 22/5                      Martin.

Box 23/1                      Maser Family. Photo of  four girls.

Box 23/2                      Mason.

Box 23/3-4                  MAC.

Box 23/5                      Macaulay

Box 23/6-7                  MacLaren Family.

Box 23/8                      MacWhorter, Alexander

Box 23/9                      McCarter. Mr & Mrs Uzal H. McCarter; Thomas N. McCarter; others.

Box 23/10                    McClellan, General George B.

Box 23/11                    McCosh, James

Box 23/12-13              McDowell Family.

Box 23/14-15              McDowell. Pauline McDowell’s photo’s of the women of Wellesley College, class of 1895-1896.

Box 24/1                      McIntosh.

Box 24/2                      McKinley, President William.

Box 24/3                      McPherson. John R. McPherson; others.

Box 24/4                      ME. Metzger; Mechren; Melick; Mersereau; others.

Box 24/5                      Mead. Edwin Mead; Rufus Mead; Theodore Mead.

Box 24/6                      Meade, General George G.

Box 24/7                      Meeker. Samuel Meeker; Judge John H. Meeker.

Box 24/8                      Mercer, Hugh.

Box 24/9                      Merivin. Samuel and Nettie Merivin.

Box 24/10                    Meyner, Gov. Robert B.

Box 24/11                    MI. Milner; Minor; Mitchell; Miles; others.

Box 24/12                    Miller.

Box 24/13                    Millren.

Box 24/14                    Mills. Alfred Mills; Edward Mills; Dr. Charles K. Mills.

Box 24/15                    Mindil, General George. Civil War scenes.

Box 24/16                    MO. Morley; Moffat;  Morton; Morehouse; others.

Box 24/17                    Monroe. James Monroe; Morris Monroe.

Box 24/18                    Montgomery. General Richard R. Montgomery; Jno A. Montgomery; and Dare Montgomery in the Wizard of Oz, ca. 1900.

Box 24/19                    Moore. Gov. A. Harry Moore with Amelia Earhart; others.

Box 24/20                    More.

Box 25/1                      Morgan. Theodore Blackwell Morgan; others.

Box 25/2-3                  Morris. Lewis Morris Jr.; Ann Elliott Morris; Lewis Morris III; Robert Morris; Gouvenour Morris; Staats S. Morris; W.W. Morris; Charles Valentine Morris; General Jacob Morris; Mary Morris; Margaret Morris.

Box 25/4                      Morse, Samuel F. B.; others. Telegraph related.

Box 25/5                      Morton, Levi P.

Box 25/6                      Mott. Wilbur A. Mott; Rev. Geroge S. Mott; Gen. G. Gershom Mott.

Box 25/7                      Moultrie, William.

Box 25/8                      MU.Muhlenburg; Musser; Murat; Musgrave; Mundy; others.

Box 25/9                      Munn Family.

Box 25/10-11              Murphy.  Gov. Franklin Murphy; others.

Box 25/12                    Murray. Rev Nicholas Murry; others.

Box 25/13                    MU. Gen. A.J. Myer.

Box 25/14                    N. Nichols; Nuttman; Nicholas II; Nevins; Neresheimer; Nye; Norwood;  Niles; Newton; New Jersey National Guard, others.

Box 26/1                      Nast. Thomas Nash; Edith Nash.

Box 26/2                      Neilson, James

Box 26/3                      Nelson. Lord Nelson; William Nelson; others.

Box 26/4                      New Jersey Historical Society Trustees, ca. 1971.

Box 26/5                      Newell, Gov. William A.

Box 26/6                      Nugent, James R.

Box 26/7                      O. Oppel; Osborne; Dr. Lewis Oakley; Annie Oakley;  Orton;  O’Donnell; O’Connell; Olmstead; Oaks; others.

Box 26/8                      O’Connor. W.E. O’Connor; Cardinal O’Connor.

Box 26/9                      Ogden. Aaron Ogden; Robert Ogden; Mary Ogden; Elias Ogden; others.

Box 26/10                    Olcott.

Box 26/11                    Otis, James.

Box 26/12-13              O’Neil/Dempsey/Werrlein Families. Includes 19th century uniformed Newark policeman.

Box 27/1                      PA. Parnell; Pattee; Adelina Patti and one of  her husbands; Parrish;  Pack; Thomas Paine; others.

Box 27/2                      Palmer. Sasan L. Palmer; Ray Palmer; George Herbert Palmer; others.

Box 27/3                      Palmer, Ray Palmer Club, woman’s club, 1932.

Box 27/4                      Palser, Martha.

Box 27/5                      Parker. Gov. Joel Parker; Louis N. Parker; Richard Wayne Parker; Gen. James Parker; Judge Parker; others.

Box 27/6                      Parker, Cortland.

Box 27/7                      Parkhurst.

Box 27/8                      Parmly. Dr. George D. Parmly; others.

Box 27/9                      Paterson. Gov. William Paterson; others.

Box 27/10                    PE. Pearse; Petrie; Thomas Peterson, first African-American voter in U.S., 1870; John J. Pershing; others.

Box 27/11                    Peck. George Peck; Cyrus Peck; others.

Box 27/12                    Peddie, Thomas. (Mayor).

Box 27/13                    Pell Family; Charles H. Pell.

Box 27/14                    Penn, William

Box 27/15                    Pennington Family.

Box 27/16                    Pennington, Lewis Walker. (painting).

Box 27/17                    Perry. Commodore O.H. Perry; Mayor Nehmiah Perry.

Box 27/18                    Petersen/Duff Family.

Box 28/1                      PH.

Box 28/2                      Philbrook, Mary.

Box 28/3                      Phillips, Phillip; George K. Phillips.

Box 28/4                      PI. Pilsbury; Pillans; Pickens; Pinckney; Mrs. George Pickett; Pittman; Pingry; Piersol; Pilch; others.

Box 28/5                      Pierce, Franklin.

Box 28/6          Pierson. David L. Pierson; Joshua H. Pierson; James O. Pierson; Charles C. Pierson; Henry J. Pierson; Eliza Clark Pierson; William M. Pierson.

Box 28/7                      Pilgrims.

Box 28/8                      Pitcher, Molly.

Box 28/9                      Pitney. Henry Cooper Pitney; Mahlon Pitney.

Box 28/10                    PL. Charles Plummer.

Box 28/11                    Plume. William Plume; Isaac E.P. Plume.

Box 28/12                    PO. Powers; Poinier; East Orange Police Chief;  Potts; Poland; Poinsett; others.

Box 28/13                    Polhemus. Hattie Polhemus;  Eliza H. Polhemus; John D. Polhemus with large front wheel bicycle.

Box 28/14                    Polk. President James L. Polk; Bishop Polk.

Box 28/15                    Pope. Gen. John Pope; Franklin Leonard Pope.

Box 28/16                    Porter. David D. Porter; Noah Porter; (sea) Captain Porter; others.

Box 28/17                    Potter, Rev. Henry C.

Box 28/18                    Powell.

Box 28/19                    PR. Prince; Prentiss; Pridham; Clement Price; Primrose;  others.

Box 28/20                    Prescott. William H.

Box 28/21                    Price. Gov Rodman M. Price; Mr. & Mrs. David Price; Frank L. Price; Mary L. Price; Clement Price; others. Many Prices in wagons.

Box 28/22                    Pritchard Family.

Box 28/23                    Pryor. Arthur Pryor, band leader.

Box 29/1                      PU. Pullman; Pullan; Purdy; Pumpselly; others.

Box 29/2                      Putnam. General  Israel Putnam.

Box 29/3                      PY.Pyne.

Box 29/4                      Q. Quint; Quint; Quattlander.

Box 29/5                      Quinby. James M. Quinby.

Box 29/6                      RA. Ransom; Noah Raby;  Raynor; Rae; Rand; Race; Randall; Rathbun; Rankin; Ramsey; Eddie Rabbitt; others.

Box 29/7                      Randolph, John; Theodore F. Randolph;  Joseph F. Randolph; others.

Box 29/8                      Raymond, Mayor Thomas L.

Box 29/9                      RE. Reno; Reed; Redway; Redfield; Paul Revere; Reiley; Reading; Reeves; Read; Reid; John Reddick,  African American coachman; others.

Box 29/10                    Reynolds, John F.

Box 29/11                    RH. General Jonathon Rhea.

Box 29/12                    RI. Rice; Richardson; Ripley; Rittenhouse; Rickoff; Righter; and the River Sisters.

Box 29/13                    Richards.  Dr. Harry E. Richards; George Richards; James Richard; others.

Box 29/14                    Ricord, Frederick W.

Box 29/15                    Riker.

Box 30/1-2                  RO. Robbins; Romer; Rockwood; Royce; William Rodman; Paul Robeson; Roome; Lydia Laurelia Ropes; Roll; Roberts; Rowland; Romine; W.P. Roden, state surgeon; Rev. Adolph Roeder; Eleanor Robson (actress in maid uniform); Lincoln E. Rowley; Royle family (four elderly women knitting and reading); Rosendahl; Peter Rodino; Rollinson.

Box 30/3-4                  Robertson Family. Children. Young man with large wheel bicycle.

Box 30/5                      Robinson Family and children; Rev. Joseph H. Robinson.

Box 30/6                      Rodgers. Rev Ravaud K. Rodgers.

Box 30/7                      Roebling. Emily Roebling.

Box 30/8                      Rogers. William Hamilton Rogers; James Blythe Rogers; Thomas Rogers; others.

Box 30/9                      Roosevelt, President Theodore.

Box 30/10                    Rose. John Rose, organist, Sacred Heart, Newark.

Box 30/11                    Rosecrans, General  W.S.

Box 30/12                    Ross. George Gates Ross; Helen and Pierre Ross; James Ross.

Box 30/13                    Roy Family.

Box 30/14                    RU. Thomas H. Ruger; Rutter; Rue; Patrick K. Ryan; Rev. John Rudd;  Nicholas Gouveneur Rutgers.

Box 30/15                    Runyon.

Box 30/16                    Russell. Lillian Russell (actress); George Russell; others.

Box 30/17                    Rutherfurd Family.

Box 30/18                    RY. Ryall.

Box 30/19                    Ryan.

Box 31/1                      Ryerson Family. David Austen Ryerson.

Box 31/2                      SA. Satterwaite; Sanford; Salmon; Salter; others.

Box 31/3                      Sampson. Deborah Sampson; Margaret E. Sampson; others.

Box 31/4                      Sawyer. Joseph Sawyer,Peddie Inst. holding ball; Mrs. H.H. Sawyer at age 8.

Box 31/5                      Sayre. Lewis Sayre, M.D.; James R. Sayre Jr; others.

Box 31/6                      SC. General Robert C. Schenck; Carl Schurz; Anthony Schoder; William C. Schermerhorn; Schoff Schell; Schiff; Schlittenhardt; Scheele; Helmuth Schumacher photo studio, Newark; Scofield; Otto Schulte; others.

Box 31/7-8                  Scherholz/Taylor Family. Children and a bride.

Box 31/9                      Schley. Mr & Mrs. Reeve Schley.

Box 31/10                    Schuyler. General Phillip Schuyler; Mrs Schuyler burning the crops; others.

Box 31/11                    Scott. Winfield Scott; Dr. Austin Scott; others.

Box 31/12                    Scudder Family.

Box 31/13                    SE. Semper; Sergeant; Selover; Sedgwick; Uriah Seely; Samuel Seabury; Moses T. Seering; Elizabeth Bayley Seton; others.

Box 31/14                    Seward. William T. Seward; Mary C. Seward.

Box 31/15                    Sewell, Senator William J.

Box 31/16                    Seymour. Mayor James M. Seymour; Rev. George F. Seymour; others.

Box 31/17                    SH. Shepard; Sharp; Shelby; Shubrick; Lavinia Shelton (Mrs. Tom Thumb); Laura Shive; Shaw; others.

Box 31/19                    Sheridan. General Phillip H. Sheridan; Michael Sheridan, Spanish-American War.

Box 32/1                      Sherman. William T. Shermam; Roger Sherman; John Sherman; others.

Box 32/2                      Shippen. Peggy Shippen; Edward Shippen.

Box 32/3                      SI. Simmons;  Simon; Sigourney; Sill; Silliman; Robert Sinnickson; Sipp; Sisson; Sinclair; Gov. George S. Silzer; others.

Box 32/4                      Sigel, General Franz.

Box 32/5                      Simons Family.

Box 32/6                      SK. Courtland Skinner; Otto Skinner; others.

Box 32/7                      SL. H.W Slocum; Joseph E. Sloan; others

Box 32/8-12                Stimoski/Slimoski Family. Stimoski?? Polish-Americans of Newark and Irvington.  DOS P

Box 33/1-2                  Stimoski/Slimoski Family. Polish-Americans of Newark and Irvington. DOS P

Box 33/3                      SM. Andrew A. Smalley.

Box 33/4                      Smith. Dr. David S. Smith; Thomas B. Smith; Amy D. Smith; C.L. Smith; Dr. William A. Smith; others.

Box 33/5                      Smith. Harold Smith Family of Phillipsburg

Box 33/6-8                  Smith/Waddell Family.

Box 34/1                      Smith/Waddell Family

Box 34/2                      SN. Snell; Snyder; others.

Box 34/3                      SO. Susie Southwick; Daniel Soden; H. Sontag; others.

Box 34/4                      Sothern, E.S.(actor)

Box 34/5                      SP. Spring; Spofford; Jared Sparks; Sprague; Spry family; W.G. Spiller; Spinning; Spiney; Sara C. Spottiswoode, M.D.; others.

Box 34/6                      Springsteen, Bruce and the E Street Band.

Box 34/7                      SQ. Squier.

Box 34/8-9                  ST. Gen. Griffin F. Stedman; Charity and Peter Still; Stead; Stirling; Dr. A. Stegel;  Henry M. Steele; Jacob Stucky; Joseph E. Sticker; Stone; Elijah W. Stoddard; Samuel Streit; Amos Alonzo Stagg with baseball bat; Paul Stillman;  Jacob Strader; Alexander Stevens; others.

Box 34/10                    Stanley. William Stanley of Rutherford in 1926 with rocks identifed as norse weapons.

Box 34/11                    Stanton. Eliabeth Cady Stanton; Edwin M. Stanton.

Box 34/12                    Stearns, Wayland E. Principal of Barringer High School, Newark.

Box 34/13                    Von Steuben, Baron.

Box 34/13-14              Stevens. Edwin Stevens; Col. John Stevens; Basil Stevens; Frederic W. Stevens; Rachel Cox Stevens; Helen Ward Stevens; two Stevens boys with Admiral Byrd; others.

Box 35/1                      Stewart. Commodore Charles Stewart; others.

Box 35/2                      Stimis.

Box 35/3                      Stinson. William Coddington Stinson; Whitfield Stinson; others.

Box 35/4                      Stockton. Richard Stockton; Annis Boudinot Stockton;  Mary Stockton; Dr. Charles S. Stockton; Senator John Potter Stockton; General Robert Field Stockton Jr.; Frank R. Stockton; others.

Box 35/5                      Strycker, Jan.

Box 35/6                      Stryker.

Box 35/7                      Stuyvesant, Peter.

Box  35/8                     SU. Robert K. Suthill; Sutton; Dr. Theron Y. Sutphen; Leslie Sulgrove; Thomas Sumter; others.

Box 35/9                      Sullivan. A.M. Sullivan; F.W. Sullivan; John L. Sullivan (boxer);  General John Sullivan; others.

Box 35/10                    Sumner. Charles Sumner; E.V. Sumner.

Box 35/11                    SW. Rev. Benjamin Swan; Francis J. Swayze; others.

Box 35/12                    Swinton Family.

Box 35/13                    SY. Sythoff twins.

Box 35/14                    TA. Tasher; Taney; Tarbox; others.

Box 35/15                    Taft, President William H. Taft.

Box 35/16                    Talmage. DeWitt Talmage; Thomas Talmage.

Box 35/17                    Taylor. C.M. Taylor; Alvah B. Taylor; James C. Taylor; Zachary Taylor; others.

Box 35/18                    TE. Gilbert Tennenet; A. Teachman; Theodore Teimer; Tecumesh; others.

Box 35/19                    Tench, Arthur W. Old Civil War Veteran.

Box 35/20                    Tennyson, Alfred

Box 35/21                    Terhune Family.

Box 35/22                    TH. John Thomas;  Thayer; Anna E. Thayer; Charles B. Thurston; Jonathon Thorne; others.

Box 35/23                    Thompson.

Box 35/24                    Thomson.

Box 36/1                      Thorn. Joseph Thorn; Catherine H. Johnson; John B. Thorn.

Box 36/2                      Thumb, Tom. Mr. & Mrs. Tom Thumb. (19th century midgets).

Box 36/3                      TI. Tilden; Tipson; Titsworth; Tice;  photo of Sarah  and Daniel Tilton painted by George H. Durrie.

Box 36/4                      Tichenor Family. Francis M. Tichenor; Peggy Tichenor.

Box 36/5                      TO. Tompkins; Toombs; Tomlinson; Anna P. Townsend, founder, Townsend School, Newark.

Box 36/6                      Toler. William E. Toler; others.

Box 36/7                      Tompkins.

Box  36/8                     TR. Trusdell; Treat; Tronson; Dr. R. T. Trull; Antoinette Trelielly; Trenchard; Tresham; Troost; Trimmer; others.

Box 36/9                      Trimble.

Box 36/10                    Trumbull. Jonathon Trumbull; Lyman Trumbull.

Box 36/11                    TU. Tunison; Joseph P. Tumulty; Tupper.

Box 36/12                    Tuttle. Dorothy B. Tuttle (YMCA canteen worker WWI); Joseph Tuttle; Congressman Tuttle; others.

Box 36/13                    TW.

Box 36/14                    Twain, Mark.

Box 36/15                    TY. Tyndall; Tyson; Tyrrel.

Box 36/16                    Tyler. M.N. Tyler; President John Tyler.

Unidentified [SEE END OF FILE]

Box 36/17                    U. Ulrich; Underhill; Frank J. Urquhart; Underwood.

Box 36/18                    VA. Vanderveer; Varick; Vane; Vanuxem.

Box 36/19                    Vail. Alfred Vail; William Henry Vail; Belle Vail; others.

Box 36/20                    VAN. Edwin Van Antwerfs; Van Liew; Van Dyke; Harrison Van Duyne; Van Fleet; Vanatta; Van Tyne; Vanderpool; Van Voss; Van Duhn; Billy Van  (actor) “the assassin of sorrow.”

Box 36/21                    Van Buren, Martin.

Box 36/22                    Vanderbilt.

Box 36/23                    VanDyke; Jno. Van Dyke; Dr. Henry Van Dyke; others.

Box 36/24                    VanHouten. Civil War soldier and family; boys playing in snow.

Box 36/25                    VanRensselaer.

Box 36/26                    VanRiper. Dr. VanRiper; Ward & John VanRiper (boys).

Box 36/27                    VanSteenburgh. Ella Van Steenburgh.

Box 36/28                    VanWagenen.

Box 37/1                      VE. Vermilye Family; Rev. Ambrose W. Vernon; others.

Box 37/2                      VI. Henry Vincent; Lena Virgo; Vinson; Viele; Vinton; others.

Box 37/3                      Victoria. Oueen Victoria and family.

Box 37/4                      Vieser, Milford A.

Box 37/5                      VO. Voigt; Vosseler; Voohees; Voorhies; others.

Box 37/6                      VON. Von Humbolt; others.

Box 37/7                      VR.

Box 37/8                      Vroom. Peter D Vroom; others.

Box 37/9                      WA. Warner; Wambold; Walker; David Warfield; Wallis; Wall; Wannamaker; Watkins; others.

Box 37/10                    Waddell. Andrew Cobb Waddell; Lloyd D. Waddell; William Coventry Waddell; John Waddell; others.

Box 37/11                    Waddell Family. Hunting scenes and many hunting dog photos.

Box 37/12                    Wadsworth Family. Wadsworth Optical Store, Newark.

Box 37/13                    Wagner, F.C.

Box 37/14                    Walbroel

Box 37/15                    Wallace. Henry C. Wallace. William C. Wallace.

Box 38/1                      Walsh Family; others.

Box 38/2-3                  Ward Family. William Ward; Joseph Morris Ward;  Mary C. Ward; many other carte de visite images of children and adults. Florence Crittenton Home Billboard.

Box 38/4                      Ward, Marcus.

Box 38/5                      Ward, Marcus, Jr.

Box 38/6                      Warren. Joseph Warren; others.

Box 38/7-10                Washington, George.

Box 39/1-3                  Washington, George.

Box 39/4                      Wayne, Anthony.

Box 39/5                      WE. Westervelt; Wendell; Wescott; Weaver; Wellner; Welsh; Weber; Westerdahl; Wever;  others.

Box 39/6                      Webster, Daniel.

Box 39/7                      Weeks. John R. Weeks; Samuel S. Weeks; William R. Weeks; Robert D. Weeks; others.

Box 39/8                      Wells/Welles.

Box 39/9                      Werts. Gov. George T. Werts.

Box 39/10                    WH. Whiting; Whistler; Wiles; Whittredge; Whitney; others.

Box 39/11                    Wheeler.

Box 39/12                    White. Theodore White; Anthony White; Henry S. White; William White; Edward J. White; others.

Box 39/13                    Whitehead. William A. Whitehead; John Whitehead; others.

Box 39/14                    Whitlock. Abigal Sayre Whitlock; others.

Box 39/15                    Whitman, Walt.

Box 39/16                    Whittier. John Greenleaf Whittier; James Whittier.

Box 39/17                    WI. Witman; Winton; Wilder; Wildrick; Wieks; Mortimor Wiske; Ruth Wilcox; Wiener; others.

Box 40/1                      Wickes. Stephens Wickes.

Box 40/2                      Wilhelm, Kaiser.

Box 40/3                      Wilkes, Charles.

Box 40/4                      Willard. E.S. Willard; others.

Box 40/5                      William.

Box 40/6                      Williams. Nellie Williams (first Newark woman newspaper worker, c. 1885); Gen. A.S. Williams; Aaron Williams; others.

Box 40/7                      Wilson. Rev. James P. Wilson;  William Potter Wilson; Henry Wilson; others.

Box 40/8                      Wilson, Woodrow.

Box 40/9                      Wilson, Woodrow. On Board the U.S.S. George Washington, 1918.

Box 40/10                    Winser Family. Henry J. Wisner; Beatrice Wisner.

Box 40/11                    Winthrop.

Box 40/12                    Wiseman, Howard.

Box 40/13                    Witherspoon, John.

Box 40/14                    WO. John Woolman; Woodside; Works; Woodruff; Wolf; Woolverton; Woodhull; John Wortendyke; Wolhaupter; Worcester; Woolson; General Wolfe; John Wool; others.

Box 41/1                      Wood.

Box 41/2                      WR. Wright. Edward Henry Wright; Silas Wright; Williams Wright; Helen M. Wright; Edward H. Wright; others.

Box 41/3                      WU. Professor Wilhem Wundt.

Box 41/4                      WY. Wyndham;  Wyer; Wynne; Wyckoff; others.

Box 41/5                      Y. Mayor Henry J. Yates; Charlotte M. Yonge; Edmund Yates;  Joseph York; Yardley; others.

Box 41/6                      Young. J.E. Young; Henry Young; William Young; Rachel Anderson Young; John J. Young; David Young; others.

Box 41/7                      Z. Jacklyn Zeman.

Box 41/8                      UNIDENTIFIED–Tintype portraits. Women and girls.

Box 41/9                      Unidentified–Tintype portraits. Young men, boys and men. One group.

Box 41/10                    Unidentified–Tintype portraits. Groups of young men posing.

Box 41/11                    Unidentified–Tintype portraits. Miscellaneous.

Box 41/12-13              Unidentified–Carte de Visites–Infants/boys/girls. Girl dressed as Old Woman in a Shoe with dolls.

Box 41/14-18              Unidentified–Carte de Visites–Women. Many ca. 1860’s.

Box 42/1                      Unidentified–Carte de Visites–Men (photographed in NJ).

Box 42/2                      Unidentified–Carte de Visites–Men (photographed in NY or elsewhere)

Box 42/3                      Unidentified–Carte de Visites–Elderly men (photographed in NY or elsewhere).

Box 42/4-6                  Unidentified–Carte de Visites–Men, ca. 1860’s.

Box 42/7                      Unidentified–Carte de Visites–Miscellaneous. Groups. Armless man. Armless woman holding scissors and pen with feet.

Box 42/8-9                  Unidentified–Cabinet Cards–Infants and Children.

Box 42/10-11              Unidentified–Cabinet Cards–Women.

Box 43/1-3                  Unidentified–Cabinet Cards–Men.

Box 43/4                      Unidentified–Cabinet Cards–Miscellaneous. Includes a clown or a mime.

Box 43/5                      Unidentified Groups. Photographs by William F. Cone.

Box 43/6                      Unidentified Groups.

Box 44/1-2                  Unidentified Prints.

Box 44/3-7                  Unidentified Photographs.

Boxes 45-46            ROLLED PHOTOGRAPHS (mostly group portraits): “Girl” employees at Camp Merrit, July 1919; 39th Annual Congress, Sons of the American Revolution, Arlington, Va., May 1928; 39th Annual Congress, Sons of the American Revolution, White House, Washington D.C., May 21, 1928; the 312th Infantry Reunion at Achetel Stetters, Newark, Nov. 19, 1921; Inaugural of President Woodrow Wilson, Washington D.C., March 4, 1913; Civilian Conservation Corps, Preist River, Idaho; ZR3 (Zeppelin) Entering Hangar at Naval Air Station, Lakehurst, NJ (torn); Sailors M.T.S. Newport Co. 608; Delegates to the Constitutional Convention of the State of N.J., New Brunswick, August 1947 (2 copies); Everymans Bible Class, 2nd Presbyterian Church, Newark, May 4, 1930; Everymans Bible Class, March 1934; Everywoman’s Bible Class, 1931; New Jersey Delegation, 7th Annual Convention, National Federation of Men’s Bible Classes, Washington, D.C., June 1930; 100th Anniversary Banquet, The House of Prayer, Newark, Nov. 9, 1950; Unidentified Newark Church Congregation (ca. 1920s); Testimonial Diner Dance in honor of Earl L. Congrad by Local Union No. B-1159 I.B.E.W., Essex House, Newark, Feb. 1943; 134th Celebration of George Washington’s Birthday by St. John’s Lodge, Newark, Feb. 23, 1925; Fouth Annual State Young People’s Conference, South Orange, NJ, Nov. 1926; First Annual Banquet by George Brown & Co., Newark, to their employees at the Plant, March 1927; Wedding receptions of Mr & Mrs. W. Antonelli(Sept. 1941), Mr. & Mrs. E. Cozzi (April 1939), and Mr & Mrs. Virgil Del Mauro (June 1943) all at Vittorio Castle, Newark; wedding reception of  Mr & Mrs Slimoski or Stimoski, Irvington Polish Home, Oct. 1940. Oversized rolled photographs: two aerial views of Atlantic City ocean front, 1909; group of sailors & dock workers? including some African-Americans.

Oversized Photographs

OS 1/1             “A.”  Louis Agassiz; Sean Abbett; J Campbell (2nd Duke of Argyll); William Alexander (Lord Stirling); Nelson W. Aldrich; Elisha H. Allen; William O. Allen (elderly Civil War vet NJGAR); Princess Alice; Stephen Alexander; William Allen; Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin; Oliver Ames; Oakes Ames; Adrain S. Appleget (NJGAR); Robert Anderson; Isaac Andruss; Prof. Atwater; others.

OS 1/2             “Ba – Bi.”  Charles Badger;  Robert E. Ballentine; Louis Bamberger;  Nathaniel Banks;  James Barbour;  Richard Bassett; Rev. Edward? Barry; J.K. Baug; Bergman Family; Becker Family women; Henry Ward Beecher; J.D. Bedle; J.A. Beecher; W.R. Beverly; Mayor Thomas Beveridge; Charles D. Beckwith; John, Lord Berkeley; John T. Bird; others.

OS 1/3             “Bi – Bo.”  Moses Bigelow; E.B. Bigelow; H.B. Bigelow; Frederick Billings; John Dennison Baldwin; J. Blair, President Warren Railroad; Joseph Bloomfield; Joseph Black; John Black; Joseph Bonaparte; Jefferson Borden; Thomas T. Bouve;  Seth Boyden; Charles S. Boggs; others.

OS 1/4             “Br – Bu.”  John C. Breckenridge;  Joseph P. Bradley; Frank Briden (GAR); J. Bruen;  J.W. Bradbury;  James Bridge; W.C. Bryant; Thomas Bushnell; James Buckley; W.S. Burges; Gov. William Burnett; A.E. Burnside; Benjamin F. Butler; James Buchannan; Warren Burger; others.

OS 2/1             “Ca.”  Elizabeth Carteret; George Carteret; Jabez Campfield;  Alexander Cattell; Lewis Cass; Mrs. Canfield; others.

OS 2/2             “Ca – Cl” Fred A. Canfield; Cornelius A. Cadmus; George W. Childs; Abra. Clark (signer);  Rev. Jos. Clark;  Heli Chartelain; J.C. Clayton; Cornelius V. Clickener-Mayor of Hoboken; Henry Clay; Grover Cleveland; others.

OS 2/3             “Co.”  William F. Cone; Coddington Family; Austin Colgate; Russell Colgate; Colgate Brothers;  John Cooke; Watts Cooke; Connett Family; Dr. James B. Coleman; Charles Albert Coffin; others.

OS 2/4             “Co.”  J. Fennimore Cooper; Mayor Jerome Congleton; John Coventry; William Coventry; Thomas Coventry; Abner Coburn; Dr. J.Ackerman Coles; Dr. Nathaniel Cole; Peter Cooper; others.

OS 3/1             “Co – Cu.” Frank O. Cole (NJGAR) ;  James F. Connolly (NJGAR); David W. Crane; E.R. Craven; Henry B. Crosby; Joseph Cross; Admiral Carpender with Henry Ford; Gilbert Collins; Caleb Cushing; Mathew? Carpenter; Elisha Carpenter;  John Philpot Curran; others.

OS 3/2             “Da – De”  John S. Darcy; Jonathon Dayton; William A. Dayton; George A. Davis;  James J. Davis; David A. Dupre; John E. Dent; Alfred L. Dennis; Dr. Demerest; Jona. Dickerson; Edwin Denby; Elisha Cullen Dick; Admiral George Dewey; others.

OS 3/3             “Dennis Family.” Group portrait with members of the Dennis, Bacon Perry, Baylis Sloan and Taylor families.

OS 3/4             “Di – Du.”  John D. Dickinson; John F. Dryden; Gov. Alfred E. Driscoll; Henry Doherty;  Mayor Henry M. Doremus; Neal Doan; Prof. Duffield; A.B. Durand; Elisha Durant; W. Dunmore; Thomas Durfee; others.

OS 3/5             Dodd,  Amzi

OS 3/6             Donnelly, R.H.  (NJGAR).

OS 3/7             Dryden., John F.

OS 3/8             “Ed.”  Gov. Walter E. Edge; Christine Edler; Edison “73” Birthday Luncheon-The Edison Pioneers, 1920; Thomas Edison.

OS 3/9             “Em – Ev.”  Essex Troop,  Paterson and elsewhere, 1907;  John R. Emery; Dr. Wells P. Eagleton; A Gathering of  Octogenarians at the Essex Club, 1894; Edward Everett.

OS 4/1             “F.”  Steven Fairchild; E.M. Fairchild; Horace Fairbanks; Charles W. Fairbanks; Gov. James F. Fielder; Charles L. Flint;  John Franklin Fort; Stephen Collins Foster; R.V.W. Fairchild; W.B. Franklin; John C. Fremont; A.B. Frost; John W. Francis; Benjamin Franklin; S.S. Franklin; others.

OS 4/2             Fall, Albert B.

OS 4/3             Fielder, George B.

OS 4/4             Foran, John (NJGAR)

OS 4/5             Freeman, Wilberforce.

OS 4/6             Frelinghuysen. Theodore Frelinghuysen; Theordore Frelinghuysen with Henry Clay (presidential campaign); Frederick Frelinghuysen; Liberty ship S.S.F.T. Frelinghuysen; Emily Brewster Frelinghuysen; Peter H.B.  Frelinghuysen Sr. as choir boy.

OS 4/7             Frelinghuysen. Gen. Frederick Frelinghuysen; Joseph Sherman Frelinghuysen; large political cartoon with Frelinghuysen and Baird; political cartoon with Frelinghuysen hugging Jess Salmon, 1929.

OS 4/8             Fulton, Robert.

OS 4/9             “Ga – Go.”  President James A. Garfield; General Gage;  General Gates; Charles B. Gilbert;  R? Gilchrist; Q.A. Gilchrist; Joseph A. Goodrich; James A. Gary; A.G. Gorbert; L. Spencer Goble.

OS 4/10                       “Gr – Gu.”  Horace Greeley; Mrs Greenhow, Conferate Spy; Gov. Robert Stockton Green; Wilfred Grenfell; Col. Christopher Greene; Dr. Samuel A. Green; Horace Gray; General/President U. S. Grant; and Maria Gunning.

OS 4/11                       Garrison, Linlley. Dinner in honor of Linlley Garrison.

OS 4/12                       “Ha.”  John T. Haight;  John Hart; Wade Hampton; Frederick Harding; Nathaniel Hale; M. Hancock; Edmund Drake Halsey; Alexander Contee Hanson; C.C. Haven; Fitz Greene Halleck; Gen. Henry W. Halleck; Henry Hayes; several printed photos of President Benjamin Harrison in boats in New Jersey, 1889; Emma Lady Hamilton; Alexander Hamilton; Mrs Alexander Hamilton nee Elizabeth Schuyler; others.

OS 5/1             “Ha – He.”  Enos F. Hahn; Daniel A. Hayes; Warren G. Harding For President; C.A. Harris; John S. Hartl; Hiland Hall; George A. Halsey; O.S. Halsted; Thomas A. Hendricks; William Hemsley; Joseph Henry; Patrick Henry; James Herbert; Rev. George H. Hepworth; others.

OS 5/2             “Hi – Ho.”  George A. Hill; Edwin W. Hine; Rev. William Hill; dinner for James E. Howell;  dinner given by Coult & Howell to their former students (23 prominent NJ lawyers and others), 1906; General Joseph Hooker; Hannah Hoyt; others.

OS 5/3             “Ho.”  O.O. Howard; William B. Hornblower; Mark Hopkins; Vice Chal. Howell;  Julia Ward Howe; La Rue K. Holmes; Jean Antoine Houdon; John Hay; Charles H. Hopper; William W. Hoppin; Robert I. Hopper; William A. Hopson; John Hopper;  others.

OS 5/4             Hornblower. Mary B. and Joseph C. Hornblower.

OS 5/5             “Hu.”  Gov. Richard Hughes; R.D. Hubbard; Alfred Minton Hunter in group photo, (USMA, 1887); Daniel Huger; Robert S. Hughes; Captain Isaac Hull; others.

OS 5/6             Hudson. Hendrick Hudson.

OS  6/1                        “I –  J.”  James Iredell; Washington Irving; Marshal Irwill?; President Lyndon B. Johnson; Beverly Johnson; Charles Joy; Sir William Johnson; Jonathon Jackson; Andrew Jackson; Mrs. Peter Jackson; Peter Jackson; Thomas Stonewall Jackson; Thomas Jefferson; Col. William R. Johnson; group photo of Mahlon Johnson descendants, 1924; others.

OS  6/2                        “K.”  E.W. Kemble; Fanny Kemble; D.D. Keefe (NJGAR); Edward Kent; Andrew Kirkpatrick; Kinney family members in New Jersey Society of  the Cincinnati group photo, 1885; Kish-Ka-Wa, a Shawnee Chief; William B. Kinney; Mr & Mrs John Wilkes Kittera; Henry T. Kays; Dr. Isidor Kalisch; William R. King; Jan Kubelik; Anthony R. Kuser or Kusen; Gen. Judson Kilpatrick’s cavalry; Edward Kanouse; Dr. Hans Kudlich, Hoboken Academy; George II; others.

OS 6/3             Kearny. General Phillip Kearny. Kearny House in Newark.

OS 6/4-5                     Keuffel Family.

OS 6/6             L.”  Captain James Lawrence; Andrew Lang; John Laurens; Miss Jenny Lind; Richard V. Lindabury Sr.; In memoriam, Charles A. Lindbergh Jr.; Bishop Lines; E. R. Lindabury; Charles Lee; Robert E. Lee; Benjamin Franklin Lee; Carl Lentz; E.B. Leaming; John A. Logan; Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; Dwight Loomis; Charles M. Lum; others.

OS 7/1             Lap-Pa-Win-Soe. A Delaware/Lenape Chief.

OS 7/2-3            Lincoln. President Abraham. Lincoln.

OS 7/4             Logue, Alan Logue or Trenton.

OS 7/5             “Mac – Mc.”  George B. McClellan; James P. McPherson; President McLean; Andrew Mellon; Edward McClellan; Thomas McKean; W.O. McDowell in two large group photos; Alexander Macomb; President William McKinley; Alexander MacWhorter; Rev. William A. McDowell; Dr. A.W. McDowell; others.

OS 7/6             McCarter. Thomas N. McCarter; “The Three Macs”–Robert, Uzal, & Thomas McCarter; T.N. McCarter.

OS  7/7            “Ma – Mu.”   Francis Marion; George Mason; John Marshall; David Magir?; James Madison; J.H. Manley; Frederick C. Marsh; Andrew Mellick; Alfred Mills; A.A. Miner; Gen. O.M. Mitchell; Bloomfield Jackson Miller; William J. Minor; General Meade; Gov. A. Harry Moore; James  Monroe; Rev. George S. Mott; William C. Morton; Ephraim Morris; others.

OS 8/1-6            Murphy. Governor Franklin Murphy. Dedication of Statute of Franklin Murphy in Newark, 1924; Murphy and party at launching of battleship New Jersey, 1904; Murphy at home; Murphy in car with President William H. Taft, 1908; Murphy with sons; sketch of Murphy; banquet in honor of Murphy.

OS 8/7             “N.”  John L. Nevins; William Nelson of Paterson; Rev. William Nevins; John Nichol (1785-1885) of Orange on his 100th birthday; C.W. Nassau.

OS 8/8             Nevins. H.M. Nevins, Civil War vet (missing an arm), 1909.

OS 8/9             “O.”  Ethan Osborn; Thomas Osborne; Daniel O’Connell; Thomas Oakes; Franklin M. Olds; F.P. Olcott.

OS 9/1             “Pa – Pe.”  Dr. E. Parmly; Thomas Nelson Page; silohuettes of Parmly family;  J.D. Parke; Charles W. Packer; William Paterson; Thomas Paine; J.W. Parke; Rev. Ray Palmer; Gov. William Pennington; J.A. Peters.

OS 9/2             “Pe – Pi.”  Thomas Penn; Henry Perkins; Belmont Perry; Aaron Peck; George Peabody; Henry C. Pitney; Pilgrims; Malhlon Pitney; Gov. Thomas Pownall; Enoch Poors; S.C. Pomery; Gen. Israel Putnam; Pocahantas; William Penn with Indians.

OS 9/3             “Po – Pr.”  S.C. Pomery; H. Powers; Gen. John Pope; Lewis T. Powell, conspirator;  John Potter, President NJ Railroad & C. Co.;  Luke P. Poland; Princeton class of 1886; Price brothers of  Newark; Gov. Rodman M. Price; Edward Preble; Henry Pratt; others.

OS 9/4             “Ra – Ri.”  Noah Raby; T.E.G. Ransom; William A. Rafferty; Abigael and William Rankin; A.A. Ramsey; General Reed; Jacques Reich; George Read; R. Redgrave; Thomas B. Reed;  James Reed; John Reynolds; Riehausen; David Rittenhouse; George Richards; others.

OS 9/5             “Ri – Ry.”  Alexander H. Rice; Count Rochambeau; J.S. Rogers; Thomas Rogers; President Theodore Roosevelt; John Rodgers; Virginia & Donald Coddington Robertson; William B. Rogers; Margaret J. Roebling; W.S. Rosecrans; Gen. Theodore Runyon & Anthony O. Keasbly; William Ryle; Rutgers College Class of 1876  at 50th Anniversary in 1926; Peter Martin Ryerson; David Austen Ryerson; others.

OS 9/6             Richards. E.V. Richards (NJGAR).

OS 9/7             Roberts. Jonathon W. Roberts.

OS 10/1            “Sa – Sh.”  James Smith Jr;  Santa Claus; Alvin Saunders; William Schley; Col. Alexander Scammell; A.V. Schlenk; E.W. Scudder; Moses Scott; Rev. James Scott; Rev. Dr. Scott of Old Reformed Church, Newark; Peter Schuyler; Phillip Schuyler; Winfield Scott; William W. Scudder;  Anna Scott; Admiral William T. Sampson;  Horatio Seymour; William H. Seward;  Gen. Philip H. Sheridan; William T. Sherman;  S.S. Sherwood; others.

OS 10/2            “Si – Sm”  Gen. Cortland Skinner; Samuel L. Southard; Edwin S. Sumers; Gov. George S. Sizer; James R. Smith and his fellow mailmen/mail carriers–the first in Phillipsburg, 1898; Spencer Smith (NJGAR); Laurastine Cotheal Smith; Charles Sprague; Charles Sitgreaves; Gen. Franz Sigel;  Robert Smith; Prof. George A. Smith; Seba Smith; Capt. John Smith;  Samuel Smith; others.

OS 10/3

OS 10/4            “St.”  Peter Stuyvesant; Theodore Strong; E.W. Stoddard; Alexander Stephens;  John R. Stockton; George W. Stephens; Edmund Clarence Stedman; Harriet Beecher Stowe; Edward Stewart; Ernest C. Stahl; John W. Stewart; Commodore Robert F. Stockton, President Delaware & Raritan Canal Co.; others.

OS 10/5            “St – Sw.”  Helen Stevenson; Basil M.Stevens; Robert L. Stevens; Helen Ward Stevens; Emily Custis Lewis Stevens as Nellie Custis; N.H. Swayne;  Robert B. Swain; Francis J. Swayze; B. Sunderland; Thomas Sully; others.

OS 10/6            Scudder. Wallace M.

OS 10A/7            Seymour. James M. Crayon & pastel.

OS 10A/8-10            Smith- Waddell Family.

OS 11/1            “T.”  President William H. Taft with Gov. Murphy; Gorham C. Taylor; Thomas Talbot; William O. Taylor; F.H. Teese; Arthur W. Tench, last Civil War vet from Mapleton; Tench with group; John N. Terhune; George H. Thomas; C. Wickliff Throckmorton; Elias Tomkins; Joseph C. Todd; Mark Twain; Walter S. Tully; General Thomas; others.

OS 11/2            Tichenor. Francis M. Tichenor.

OS 11/3            Tompkins. David F. Tompkins.

OS 11/4            “V.”  Abraham Van Voorhis; Foster M. Voorhees; Milford A. Vieser; Ambrose White Vernon; Governor Peter D. Vroom; Jacob D. Veruiley?; Peter L. Voorhees; George Van Nest; Abraham Van Nest; Margaret Field Van Nest; Frank Von Beck;  Madame J. Van Berckel; Jacob Vanatta; others.

OS 11/5            Van Fleet. Abraham V.Van Fleet.

OS 11/6            “Wa.”  Marcus L. Ward; Mary Clendenin Ward; Mrs. Ann Warner; E.R. Walker; Anthony Wayne; Andrew C. Waddell; Joseph Wadsworth; Benjamin F. Wade; Henry Waldron; G.K. Warren; Coventry Wardell; S. Alice Waddel; John Watson; others.

OS 11/7            “We – Wi.” Daniel Webster; Noah Webster; Dr. Edward Weston; Mrs W.R. Weeks; President Woodrow Wilson;  Wilson on U.S.S. George Washington; John H. Weeks; A.B. Wenzell; Rev. William R. Weeks; William F. Weld; Gideon Wells; Ashbel Welch; Edmund Wilson, attorney General of NJ; General Jonathon Williams; George Williams; N.P. Wilson; Benjamin Williamson; N.P. Wilson; W.A. Whitehead; Gen. William Rolland Wilmver; B. Williamson; others.

OS 11/8            “Wi – Wr.”  Robert C. Winthrop; O.F. Winchester; Theodore D. Woolsey; Gen. William M. Wright ; Death of General Wolfe; Levi Woodbury; Annie Hall McLean White;  Wright Brothers;  Silas Wright; others.

OS 12/1-2            Washington. George Washington.

OS 12/3            Misc. New Jersey Court of Appeals & Errors, mid 20th century; NJ room in Memorial Continental Hall, Washington; NJ House of Assembly members, 1895; Supreme Court of New Jersey, 1886; U.S. District Court Judges for New Jersey.

OS 12/4            Misc. Court of Chancery of  NJ, 1886.

OS 12/5            Groups—Identified—Edward Carrington, et al.

OS 12/6            Unidentified group of 19th century men in tall hats.

OS 12/7            Unidentified Groups/Families.

OS 12/8 Unidentified Men. Prints and Photographs.

Double Oversized Photographs

DOS 1 Alexander Archibald, Newark mayor.

DOS 2 Robert F. Ballentine.

DOS 3 Justice Bradley with the Supreme Court of the United States, ca. 1852.

DOS 4 William Jennings Byran for President. Poster.

DOS 5 James P. Congleton, Newark mayor.

DOS 6 Henry M. Doremus, Newark mayor.

DOS 7 Samuel S. Dennis. President United NJ Railroad & Canal Col, 1921-1924.

DOS 8 David A. Dupue, Chief Justice of NJ.

DOS 9 Meyer C. Ellenstein, Newark Mayor.

DOS 10 William M. Evarts.

DOS 11 Charles P. Gillen, Newark Mayor.

DOS 12 Jacob Haussling, Newark Mayor.

DOS 13 Bayard Henry, President, United NJ Railroad & Canal Co., 1924-1926.

DOS 14 Garret A. Hobart.

DOS 15 John P. Jackson.

DOS 16 First Mayors of Newark, 1836-1884.

DOS 17 100 New Jersey Notables, 1891.

DOS 18 Thomas Oakes, President, United NJ Railroad & Canal Co., 1908-1921.

DOS 19 Thomas L. Raymond, Newark mayor.

DOS 20 Thomas L. Raymond, Newark mayor.

DOS 21 Bayard Stockton, President, United NJ Railroad & Canal Co., 1926-1928.

DOS 22 Dr. Leslie Ward, Prudential founder.

DOS 23 George Washington. 12 engravings.

DOS 24 Unidentified man holding glasses.

DOS 25 Misc. People including M. Beasley; U.S. Grant; Francis Scott Key; Martin Van Buren.

DOS 26 Bench and Bar of New Jersey, 1916-1917.

DOS 27-28 Miss Congar (Mrs. James Tichenor, Newark; James Parker, F.A. Canfield; August  Aufermann; Antonia Becker Aufermann; 4 unidentified.

DOS VARIOUS:  Charles Lindbergh—Poster of  Sun editorial of Atlantic flight, 1927;  Group Photos—NJ Lawyers, Court Justices, NJ Assembly, ca. 1880s-1930s;  President James Garfield—engraving depicting the life of  President including his death in NJ. 

Double Oversized Photographs: Panoramic images

DOS STIMOSKI—Civilian Conservation Corps, Priest River Idaho, ca. 1933.; Wedding reception of Mr. & Mrs. Stimoski, Irvington Polish Home, October 1940.

DOS 39th Annual Congress, Sons of the American Revolution, Arlington Va., May 1928;  39th Annual Congress, Sons of the American Revolution, White House, Washington D.C., March 4, 1928.

DOS Inaugural of President Woodrow Wilson, Washington D.C., March 4, 1913.; Sailors of the M.T.S. Newport, Company 608, n.d.;  Delegates to the Constitutional Convention of the State of New Jersey, New Brunswick, August 1947 ( two copies).

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