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Cheney, Albert O. (fl. 1861-1865), Officer of Company K and D, 127th US Colored Troops 1534
Congar, Horace N. (1817-1893): Contains correspondence regarding slavery; Congar was an anti-slavery advocate 408
Crane-Pierson Family: Contains correspondence discussing a northern congregation’s view on abolition and white southern views of African Americans after the Civil War 422
Dipper, John (1778-1836), Freed slave and Baptist minister 1127
Edsall Family (English Neighborhood, NJ): Contains a slave bill of sale 944
Essex County Anti-Slavery Society, Newark, NJ 187
First Presbyterian Church, Woodbridge, NJ 1119
Frelinghuysen Family (Newark, NJ): Contains a letter discussing black suffrage 380
Gibson, Kenneth, Newark mayor collection 1684
Harmonic Society of Newark: Contains a fragment of the Newark Juvenile Anti-Slavery Society’s constitution 886
Holmes Family (Middletown, NJ): Contains a number of slave deeds/bills of sale and of estate inventories including slaves 282
Hunt, John (fl. 1770-1824): Diary describes Quaker outreach to African Americans 1245
Jackson, John P. (1805-1861): Contains materials regarding the New Jersey Colonization Society and also a letter describing the state of the slaves at Mount Vernon 47
Montgomery-Burnet Family (Monmouth County, NJ): Contains a bill of sale 574
Morris, George Perry (1864-1921), Journalist: Contains correspondence regarding the African Ethnological Congress 843
Munn Family: Contains slave bills of sale 416
New Jersey State Anti-Slavery Society 134
Nichols Family (Newark, NJ): Contains a deed of manumission 1012
Newark, New Jersey Photograph Collection 1362
O’Fake-Lynch Family (Newark and Jersey City, NJ) 1515
Randolph, Florence Spearing (1866-1951), African Methodist Episcopal minister: Also contains documents relating to the National Association of Colored Women and the Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs 1321
Sabbath School for Coloured People in the Newark Academy, Female Department, Newark, NJ 1003
Ship Logs Collection: Ship Catherine’s log documents a voyage to and from Africa in participation of the slave trade 49
Smith, William S. (b. 1919), Minister 928
Smith Family: Contains a list of slaves of Hiram Smith 824
Stockton, Elias Boudinot (d. 1918), Genealogy Collection: Contains vital records for slaves 1411
Dr. James Earle Stuart Papers, 1917-1980 1541
Swackhamer Family: Contains records of the Lutheran Franckean Synod, which broke from the Hartwick Synod in opposition to slavery 1048
Swaim Family: Contains documents regarding the free black population in Jacksonville, Florida during Reconstruction. 1189
Trinity Cathedral in Newark, Newark, NJ: Contains Bishop Leland Stark’s papers from the 1967-1968 Black Power Conference 882
Derek Winans Collection, 1862-2004 1673


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