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African Ethnological Congress 843
America’s Students Helping Students 1630
American Red Cross 572
American Tract Society 805
Belvidere Democratic Club 1667
Bloomfield Bible Society, Bloomfield, NJ 943
Boys’ Club of Jersey City, Jersey City, NJ 1163
Caribbean Cultural Association 928
Christian Endeavor Society of the Highland Avenue Congregational Church, Orange, NJ 1190
Citizens Law and Order League of the United States 843
College Club of Jersey City, Jersey City, NJ 572
Consumer’s League of New Jersey 572
Downtown Boys’ Club, Newark, NJ 1256
Episcopal Society of New Jersey for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge and Piety 893
Essex County Anti-Slavery Society, Newark, NJ 187
Essex County Bible Society 47
Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs 1321
Foreign Missionary Society, Newark, NJ 732
Guyanese Cultural Association of New Jersey 928
Home Missionary Society of the Highland Avenue Congregational Church, Orange, NJ 1190
Independent Order of Odd Fellows 1616
International and New Jersey Fellowship Units 928
Ladies Aid Society, Newark (?), NJ 812
Ladies Missionary Society of the North Reformed Church, Passaic, NJ 497
League of Women Voters 572
March of Dimes 1058
Marcus L. Ward’s Office for Soldier’s Business, Newark, NJ 28
Montclair Art Museum, Montclair, NJ 1046
Morristown Anti-Trolley Association, Morristown, NJ 26
Mount Vernon Ladies Association of New Jersey, Kearny (?), NJ 248
National Association of Colored Women 1321
National Woman’s Party 572
New Jersey Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage 1051
New Jersey Center for Women’s Archives 572
New Jersey Colonization Society 47
New Jersey Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Club 572
New Jersey Historical Society, Newark, NJ 388, 824, 1569
New Jersey Home for Disabled Soldiers, Newark (?), NJ 28
New Jersey Socialist Workers’ Party 1608
New Jersey State Anti-Slavery Society 134
New Jersey Federation of Women’s Clubs 572
New Jersey Washington Aid Society 248
New Jersey Woman Suffrage Association 770
Newark Female Charitable Society, Newark, NJ 9
Newark Fire Association and Companies, Newark, NJ 1305
Newark Fire Engine Company No. 1, Newark, NJ 971
Newark Juvenile Anti-Slavery Society, Newark, NJ 886
Newark Public Aid Committee, Newark, NJ 28
Sabbath School Missionary Association of the Duane Street Presbyterian Church, New York, NY 805
Somerset County Bible Society 167
St. Mark’s Aid Society 1612
Sunday School Missionary Association of the University Place Presbyterian Church, New York, NY 805
United Services Organizations (U.S.) 1630
Washington Street Association, Inc., Newark, NJ 1097
Whittier House Boys’ Club, Jersey City, NJ 1163
Whittier House Social Settlement, Jersey City, NJ 572, 1163
Derek Winans Collection (various non-profits) 1673
Women’s Alliance for Equal Status 572
Women’s International League of Peace and Freedom, Essex County Branch 1633
Women’s Political Union of New Jersey 1051
Women’s Society for Christian Work of the Highland Avenue Congregational Church, Orange, NJ 1190
Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) 1323


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